WHSmith in Turmoil: The Ashton Review of Shops Extra

In this extra helping of The Ashton Review of Shops, we look at how WHSmith’s turmoil and wonder if there’s a way out It is fair to say that at any point in our lives, we Britons have had some link with W.H. Smith and Sons in more ways than one. Indirectly, we have had…

Is Manchester Ready for Two Indoor Arenas?

East of the M60 asks, “Is Town not big enough for both of them?” Manchester’s credentials as a musical centre of the universe is unimpeachable, though it is a claim that could be disputed by our friends in Liverpool. For many listeners, Liverpool is associated with The Beatles, the muse for Burnage’s finest musical export….

“The Next Train Will Not Be Calling At Un-Fairfield Station…”

Outrage as staffing issues sees cessation of train services at Tameside railway station Prior to seeing its franchise being taken over by the Department for Transport’s Operator of Last Resort, Arriva’s Northern operation was noted for its staffing issues. Tameside’s rail passengers were at the sharpest end of Arriva’s staffing issues, as Stalybridge to Manchester…

Escape to the Pantry: Guess the Bus and Train Livery Blocks

East of the M60’s back with a nifty follow-up to the seat moquette quiz In the last year, you might have seen the use of minimalist colour blocks on t’ internets. In most cases, they form part of a quiz with video gaming characters and Walt Disney characters being popular subject areas.

Back By Unpopular Demand: Northern’s Pacer Units

Nodding Donkeys ‘home’ till Christmas Today, East of the M60 has learned that a small number of the universally derided Class 142 Pacer units will be making a comeback on Northern rail services. Thirteen of the units will be reinstated to provide extra capacity, and to ensure that social distancing practices will be maintained.

A Vision of Post-War Chadderton, 1946 Style

Did you know that plans were made to shift Chadderton town centre to Broadway? Answer me this question: where do you think the real centre of Chadderton is or was? Near Chadderton Hall Park? Foxdenton Hall and Gardens? Off Middleton Road? Broadway, even?

A Lost Train to London: The Highwayman

The cheap yet slow way of getting from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to London Road and rail competition, whether private car versus train or scheduled coach versus train is far from new. The private car was, and remains, a threat to the viability of any communal transport options due to its convenience and perceived economy. The opening of…

Bored This Week? Let's Play a Dice Based Race Game

Introducing The Transpennine Train Game, a dice based race game exclusive to East of the M60 With the Coronavirus leading to many people self-isolating and social distancing, there may come a time when you have tired of Facebook or had your fill of YouTube. You may be one of the lucky ones who can work…