Mass Brass IV: The Review (Uppermill Civic Hall, 07 March 2020)

120+ reasons why Mass Brass IV delivered and entertained its audience Last Saturday (07 March), over 120 brass band players, plus families and spectators descended on Uppermill Civic Hall for what was Saddleworth’s biggest night in the brass banding calendar. Like previous Mass Brass nights, the four bands gave us yet another great concert.

Stockport Silver Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club, 08 March 2020

Joyous Boarshurst return for Jim Hunter and Co. makes for another captivating programme With the live and streamed audience marked safe from stultifying Sunday night entertainment and rolling news, Stockport Silver Band returned to Boarshurst Band Club with another fantastic concert. A year into their tenure at Kimberley Street Day Centre, Shaw Heath, last night’s…

Mass Brass IV: Saddleworth’s Brass Banding Bonanza Goes Forth

May the fourth Mass Brass be with you on Saturday Once upon a time, in a part of Saddleworth far far away, an enterprising brass band hit upon the idea of a concert featuring themselves and three other brass bands. Three others from the Saddleworth area, from Junction 22 of the M62 right down to…

Is the World Ready for Autie-Friendly Brass Band Concerts?

Could autie-friendly brass band concerts catch on? If you pop in to your local supermarket or discount store, some chain stores have what is known as an ‘Autism Hour’. Each Saturday from 9am to 10am, your local Morrisons store turns off the background music. The lighting is toned down to avoid sensory overload triggers. Some…

Westoe Brass Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club, 19 January 2020

Another tight performance from Westoe Brass Band After being forced to choose from singers dressed as yellow ducks or unicorns, or ice-based pratfalls, the people of Saddleworth (and Boarshurst Silver Band’s avid streaming audience) were saved from such misfortune last night. At 7pm, Westoe Brass Band began the 2020 season of concerts in style.

Charity Brass ’19, Boarshurst Band Club, 29 December 2019

How a fundraising concert for the British Heart Foundation ended Boarshurst Band Club’s 2019 season in style In about three years from now, the end-of-year charity concert at Boarshurst Band Club could well be a regular fixture. For the second year running, a scratch band set up for charitable endeavour ended the concert season in…

Roberts Bakery Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club, 15 December 2019

A tasty programme by Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s band A baker’s dozen of pieces made for a most entertaining concert for Roberts Bakery Band. With all but one piece being Christmas themed, there was everything in the Cheshire band’s festive hamper to suit all tastes. For Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s band, this was the band’s final concert of 2019.