Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, Summer 2018

More summertime tweaks

  • Exactly what it says on the tin;
  • MCT Travel gains 418 from M Travel;
  • CityZap zapped.
Volvo B7TL X767 VUA, First Greater Manchester, Royton
The 409: one of a few First Greater Manchester services falling under the summertime timetables. This oldie, seen at Royton, was previously owned by First Bradford.

Once again the summertime changes are a quiet one for Oldham and Saddleworth bus passengers. Apart from the usual adjusted summer times, there has only been four notable service changes.
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Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, Summer 2018

All the usual summertime tweaks

  • Waterton Lane link severed to improve reliability of 353 and 354 service;
  • Summertime bus times in operation on First Greater Manchester and Stagecoach Manchester routes;
  • Slight tweaks to some tendered services.
Stagecoach Manchester, Optare Solo PO56 RNY, Stalybridge
Retimed?┬áthe 340, alongside other Stagecoach journeys operated from Middleton depot, is down as retimed on the Stagecoach Manchester website. In fact, there are no differences to the timetable seen in TfGM’s Bus Guide on the 340 and 343 routes.

The summertime changes are usually quieter than the spring and autumn service changes. This summer’s no exception with the bulk of changes being the adoption of School Holiday Timetables.
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In Pictures: Where ‘It’s Coming Home’ Means Returning to a Stagecoach Depot

Stagecoach Manchester’s novel way of sending buses back to the depot

Many buses returning to the depot tend to have a slightly curt ‘Sorry Not In Service’ on the front indicator. Sometimes a more blunt ‘Not In Service’ or ‘Engaged’. The Bee Line Buzz Company’s minibuses opted for ‘Buzzing Off to the Depot’ for their depot transfers. Stagecoach Manchester, due to the World Cup have gone a step further thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

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Saddleworth Rambler Rail Connection Commotion Solved

A Saddleworth Bus Service Changes Special

Earlier this week we looked at how bus and rail connections on the Saddleworth Rambler would be stymied by changes to its rail timetable.

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Skip-Stop Shake-Up Spells Shonky Saddleworth Rambler Rail Connections

Promising new shuttle service’s rail connections in tatters?

If you read our previous article on the forthcoming rail timetable, you may be wondering how this affects bus connections. Or rather, bus/rail connections with Saddleworth’s newest service.

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Women Into Transport Inspires Budding Photographer

Photography student inspired by Stagecoach Manchester project

In the last year, Stagecoach Manchester have launched their Women Into Transport campaign. Its aim is to make the transport industry an attractive one for female employees. With female drivers only accounting for 6% of Stagecoach Manchester’s driving staff, they hosted open days at their Sharston and Ashton-under-Lyne depots. The latter was also the subject of an outside broadcast by Tameside Radio.

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Smooth Operators: Why 489 Bus Drivers Lead The Way In Safe Driving

Stagecoach Manchester bus drivers recognised for safe driving skills and fuel efficiency

Alongside punctuality and reliability, comfort tops the list of many a passenger’s experience on Britain’s most popular form of public transport. Seats are one factor, from back support to legroom. Another factor is the bus’ ride quality. Does it glide along the East Lancashire Road, or does a trip along Victoria Street feel like The Grand National?

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Introducing the Saddleworth Rambler: Nexus Move’s New 356 Service

A look at Saddleworth’s exciting new shuttle service

On Monday 09 April 2018, Andy Buckley and David Littlewood opened another chapter in the history of Saddleworth bus operation. From the turning circle in Denshaw, David Littlewood was Nexus Move’s first passenger aboard the new 356 service to Uppermill and Greenfield. He was chauffeured to his destination by Andy Buckley in a silver 67-reg Volkswagen minibus.
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In Pictures: The Last Days of Mercedes Citaro Operation in Tameside and Oldham

A fond farewell to First Greater Manchester’s longest serving single decker buses

Today [31 March 2018] marked the end of an era in First Greater Manchester’s 22-year history of bus operation. Their Mercedes Citaro single decker buses have been retired from revenue earning service. A popular sight in mainland Europe, the Mercedes Citaro bus has had a mixed reaction on these shores. They are seen as the bus equivalent of the ‘Burning Bush’ valve radio due to their combustibility.

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