(The Board) Games People Play: #11, Space Attack

Advantage to Andromeda…

Tuesday 04 January 1983

I bunked off school with Tricia today. She too couldn’t stand Mr Morris’ maths lessons but, luckily for me, Morris’ Tuesday lesson is first thing in the morning. What does this fellow do? Nip across to the Sunny Rose for cheese and bacon toasties with Tricia. We spent the best part of an hour there, playing on the Space Invaders machine over frothy coffee.

I wonder if my mother found out? Fault. My form tutor must have found out. Double fault. Looks like detention on Friday after school, and being grounded. Then I was rumbled.

“Mr South. Did you know that we’re not in school till tomorrow?” said Tricia.

“Whew! Thank goodness for that” I thought. Advantage, South…

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(The Board) Games People Play: #10, Escape from Colditz

The Great Escape… from the comfort of your dining room table

Monday 03 January 1983

Take a bow Messrs Szabo, Derbyshire, and Wagstaffe: you all made my day. After a drab Yuletide, you gave us three goals of the highest quality. Well worth the short walk. So much so I decided to sneak into The Fleece Inn for a quick half. The barperson caught me trying to order a pint of Carling Black Label. So I put on my finest Reverend Ian Paisley voice and that didn’t work (that’s the acne for you). Couldn’t do the Sunny Rose Café: closed for Bank Holiday Monday.

If anyone can find a way of ducking out of ‘O’ Level Mathematics, I will love you forever. Perhaps I could get served in The Fleece Inn by forming a pop group. Could Escape From Mr. Morris be harder to get out of than that castle which Anthony Valentine featured in?

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(The Board) Games People Play: #9, New Faces

Yesterday I was happy to play… a board game about this show…

Sunday 02 January 1983

Why on earth did I bother with that trip to Northwich yesterday? What a waste of a good Ford Transit van. For once, Bob Murphy and Co., you have spoiled my Christmas a little. Not a single goal. Nil nil, and 60 miles for nothing. Oh well, we live to fight another day at Seel Park tomorrow. South Liverpool this time, an economical version of the Manchester United v. Liverpool derby fixtures.

Oh, and after Monday, school looms.

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(The Board) Games People Play: #8, Skirrid

How a Welsh mountain inspired a numeric strategy game

Saturday 01 January 1983

Happy New Year to you all, a bit of a shorter entry as I’m tired from last night. Right, this year’s New Year Resolutions:

  1. I shall find a decent pub to go to whilst my Mum and Dad are watching The Little and Large Show;
  2. I shall get a paper round;
  3. I shall renew my Mossley AFC season ticket, thanks to point 2;
  4. I shall try my best to get on Top of the Pops before this decade is out;
  5. I shall improve my knowledge of Welsh mountains for my ‘O’ Level in Geography.

Here’s one that inspired a board game in 1976, invented by the same fellow as Kensington (see yesterday’s Advent Calendar window).

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Stagecoach Manchester Employees’ Success at Transport Awards

Post Manchester Arena attack operation sees five staff recognised for their efforts and bravery

Stagecoach Manchester Enviro400 MMC, SN16 OWD, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station

If you remember the terrorist attack after the Ariana Grande concert, it was a dark chapter in the city’s history with the death of 22 concertgoers. It was also characterised by the collective efforts which stopped the disaster from escalating further. These included taxi drivers, bus inspectors, and bus drivers.

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(The Board) Games People Play: #7, Kensington

If you ever wondered how you got hexagons from a a cow…

Friday 31 December 1982

Roll on 1983: I thought 1982 was a decent year, but that cow spoiled it after the Falklands War. The machinations of the conflict polarised some of my school friends at Mossley Hollins. Some of which are members of Saddleworth CND. Francesca, who sits next to me in class, swears by the SDP but against the conflict as much as the average Bennite.

Speaking of Francesca, I have invited her down to our house on Waterton Lane for New Year drinks. There is this strange board game she loves playing. She brought it into class once and I couldn’t get it at all.

In 1979, a London district inspired this board game created by Peter Forbes and Brian Taylor.

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Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Day 2018 Bus Services in Tameside

Christmas and New Year bus service information for passengers in Tameside and surrounding area

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. With Christmas drawing near, we at East of the M60 look at our Yuletide buses within the Tameside area.

As with the last four Christmases, Stagecoach Manchester and First Greater Manchester will be operating a skeleton service on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day along trunk routes. For Tameside’s football fans, the first fixtures of 2018 will fall on a Monday, which is New Year’s Day.

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(The Board) Games People Play: #6, Dragster

The need for speed

Thursday 30 December 1982

Some people like to take things easy. Not I. If I’m going to Ashton, it’s the 350 every time. I would like to catch the train on some occasions but Mossley only has a few trains in the peak hours. Still, 20 minutes to Ashton-under-Lyne’s not too shabby compared with an hour on foot.

At Wimpy, I met up with my friend from Copley, Nathan (you know, the fellow whose house I stayed in due to the Chemstar explosion). He and his Dad go to Belle Vue to watch the Aces in action. If he took the bus, this would mean a 343 or 344 to Hyde then the 210 or 211 down to Belle Vue. Luckily, his father’s the proud owner of a six-year-old Hillman Avenger (that’s four Clippercard numbers saved). He told me the track’s promoter wants to introduce tractor pulling and dragster racing to Hyde Road.

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(The Board) Games People Play: #5, Brit Quiz

Crown and Andrews’ Round Britain Quiz

Wednesday 29 December 1982

My drawing skills aren’t up to much, which is why I can play more than three chords on my guitar. I was toying with the idea of designing a board game entitled Race To Ashton. The idea was you could get to Ashton from Mossley on four methods: narrowboat, bus, train, or foot. I ran the idea past Donna (who at seven years old can draw the George Lawton Hall from memory). She said “boring”. I suggested a Round Britain style game based on InterCity trains. Nothing. Nil. Nada. Stuck at Guide Bridge East signal box.

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