Tates Travel Ceases Trading

Barnsley based independent bus company ceases operations after liquidation

Tates Travel, formed in 2003, ceased operation of all stage carriage services this Monday at 4pm. The family run bus and coach operator based in Barugh Green had a fleet of 39 buses, which had been cut to 22 this year. Throughout West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, they operated a number of commercial and tendered services. On summer weekends, this included the 951 service from Glossop to Huddersfield via Holme Moss and Holmfirth. Continue reading Tates Travel Ceases Trading

Latitude Brass Quintet: Five Star Performance in Debut Concert

RNCM students’ first ever concert at Boarshurst Band Club captivates

At 8pm a quintet of Royal Northern College of Music students took their positions at the Boarshurst Band Club to perform their first ever concert. Known as the Latitude Brass Quintet, the bandsmen had only been going for a month in this guise.

As part of their course at the RNCM, the syllabus entails the formation of a musical group. Instead of a chamber music group, they eschewed harps for cornets and formed a brass ensemble. By 9.35pm, their work paid off. It was a great start with a nice balance between popular and classical music in their programme.

On some occasions, you had to pinch yourself and wonder if there was five or 33 players.
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Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, February 2016: The Ashton Review of Shops

This month’s window on the shop windows

Ashton Market and demolished TAC
Going… Tameside MBC TAC building.
  • Fitness centre leaves Old Street unit;
  • Stalybridge Micropub due to open this month;
  • Stalybridge Homecare leaves after over 20 years in the town;
  • Glossop TESCO to cease 24 hour opening.

The last month alone has seen a fair few movements, a case of The O.K., The Bad, and the Downright Inevitable.

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Marple Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club

The first brass band concert of 2016 at the Saddleworth venue

It was a case of ‘on with the show’ as conductor Andrew White took to the stage at Boarshurst Band Club on the 31 January 2016. As well as traditional brass band pieces, Irving Berlin played a fair part in Marple Band’s repertoire.
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Great Little Theatres #1: Hyde Festival Theatre

East of the M60 treads the boards in a new occasional series focusing on smaller theatres in Greater Manchester and beyond.

From a personal viewpoint, I place live performance at the highest point of my entertainment hierarchy. Theatre is right at the top, owing to the amount of work required to put on a production. Not only auditions and casting, also set design, hiring the stage lights, promotion, programme and ticket printing, costumes, and the raffle prizes. The aforementioned are a small selection of the logistics concerned. Not least copyright clearance for performing musical scores or the play itself.
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The Joys of Brass Bands Live at the BBC

Sunday night concerts at the Boarshurst Band Club

Boarshurst Band, Armentieres Square, Stalybridge
Boarshurst Silver Band, seen on the 2015 Whit Sunday walks in Stalybridge, Cheshire.

Within its 20,000 population, the villages that make up Saddleworth have a healthy number of brass bands. From the Championship to Youth Sections, they form an integral part of the area’s traditions and livelihoods. Whit Friday is as important as Christmas for its populace. Continue reading The Joys of Brass Bands Live at the BBC

Stagecoach Manchester’s February Fare Offer

Half price Day Riders for passengers aged 16 to 19

Enviro400 Stagecoach Manchester, MX08 GNU, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station
For passengers aged 16 – 19 years of age, Stagecoach’s half price Dayrider will offer substantial savings on a short return trip from Dukinfield to Ashton! The present fare is £2.30 – a saving of £2.60 on both legs. A trip from Dukinfield to The Trafford Centre on Stagecoach Manchester buses alone (330 or 346; 216/219/231; and X50 or 250) would see the single fare on each bus akin to prices last seen in the Greater Manchester Transport era – back when the 16 to 19 Pass was advertised on Piccadilly Radio!

30 years after Greater Manchester Transport rebranded the Teen Travel Club weekly tickets as the 16 – 19 Bus Pass, comes a special offer from Stagecoach Manchester. Thousands of young people across Greater Manchester are set to benefit from a new offer by Stagecoach Manchester which will help cut the cost of travel. Continue reading Stagecoach Manchester’s February Fare Offer

Duffers’ Guide to Bus Operations #10: Moquette Design

For the tenth part of this series, what makes a marvellous moquette?

C920 FMP, Leyland Lynx 252 (interior).
Note the dashing moquette: the yellow, orange and brown of John Holdsworth’s FBA106 moquette, known as Autumn Gold.

The moquette of a bus seat fulfils two purposes. One is to project the bus operator’s corporate identity. Another is to make the bus seats look as good as clean, even if the seat has been sat on several times a shift.
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Processed Food and Drink of the 1980s and Beyond: The Not So Perfect Ten

A tasty Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten

Many Moons ago (well, the 27 May 2013 to be precise), we did an article on nutritionally incorrect processed food entitled ‘The Tinned Pie’s The Limit‘. In other words, the convenience food you can still get in a lot of supermarkets and discount shops. There was also another post entitled ‘Crimes Against Food‘ from July 2010 which coincided with the launch of Tesco’s Lasagne Sandwiches. This looked at, to some extent convenience food, and meatball butties.

For our Not So Perfect Ten, we have decided to look at some of the processed food you could get in the 1980s and beyond. Some of it has left our shelves unceremoniously with the Turkey Twizzlers, whereas some grace the deepest recesses of your local freezer centre. Others, we look upon with nostalgia and yearn for their return. Continue reading Processed Food and Drink of the 1980s and Beyond: The Not So Perfect Ten

Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, January 2016

Peak hour congestion party to latest changes

19457 - MX58VAV
From this month’s changes, the 203 is set to benefit from improved evening journeys. Seen in 2014 is 19457, an Enviro400 approaching Stockport, seen at Ardwick Green. Photograph by Mikey (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

There is, at least in Tameside and East Manchester, little to report other than retimings for the first set of changes in 2016. Then again, regular readers of our bulletins will understand that Easter’s set of service changes are usually the worst. In other words, the nut flavoured toffees that nobody goes for in the tin of Quality Street.
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