Northern Rail Strike: Two Days of Industrial Action During Whit Week

The latest Arriva Rail North strike dates, and how they will affect passengers east of the M60 motorway

Following a recent spate of cancellations and fundamental changes to our rail timetables, more passengers could be taking to their cars on Thursday and Saturday. Those two days (24 and 26 May) will see continued strike action from Northern guards.

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Commemorative Bus Wrap Unveiled to Remember Manchester Arena Attack

Stagecoach Manchester bus covered in Manchester Together vehicle graphics

At this time of writing you would have seen and heard about our nation’s remembrance of the 22 people who died in the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena. Being a year since the attack, local, national, and international media covered the vigils and the memorial service at Manchester Cathedral.
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The Lindley Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (Whit Sunday 2018)

Welcome return to Boarshurst for Rob Westacott in another great concert

Whit Sunday 2018: a sunny one at that which could have made for a better turnout at Tameside’s Whit Walks. Any issues about turnout weren’t a worry at the Boarshurst Band Club thanks to another well-attended Sunday Brass Night. Once again, our friends from The Lindley Band gave us a superb concert. A concert programme that combined gravitas with entertainment. There was four superb solos, a bit of swing, Lionel Richie, and – for good measure – a Peter Graham piece.
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Saddleworth Rambler Rail Connection Commotion Solved

A Saddleworth Bus Service Changes Special

Earlier this week we looked at how bus and rail connections on the Saddleworth Rambler would be stymied by changes to its rail timetable.

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Whatever Happened to Pyramid Park?

Who remembers Pyramid Park, Bury’s homage to The Valley of the Kings?

1970 was a far from joyous year for some of British Rail’s passengers. The last of The Reshaping of British Railways closures were under way. In Greater Manchester and Derbyshire, on the 04 January, this affected the service from Manchester Piccadilly to Hayfield. Passenger services between Hadfield and Penistone – on the Woodhead line – ceased operation.

In the spring of 1970, SELNEC launched the Trans-Lancs Express bus route from Bolton to Stockport. Between Bolton and Rochdale it followed the railway line via Radcliffe and Heywood. This closed later that year and led to the introduction of additional part route journeys along the Trans-Lancs Express. Continue reading “Whatever Happened to Pyramid Park?”

Littleborough Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (May 2018)

A smashing concert with a prime selection of ambitious and familiar pieces

Only months after Littleborough Youth Band came to Boarshurst Band Club, last night saw the arrival of their senior counterpart. Almost a year on from their previous visit, Littleborough Band gave us another cracking concert.
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Skip-Stop Shake-Up Spells Shonky Saddleworth Rambler Rail Connections

Promising new shuttle service’s rail connections in tatters?

If you read our previous article on the forthcoming rail timetable, you may be wondering how this affects bus connections. Or rather, bus/rail connections with Saddleworth’s newest service.

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Skip-Stop Is Coming! Timetable Trauma Threatens Trans-Pennine Links

How Standedge line skip-stop approach will sever links between Tameside, Saddleworth, and Colne Valley villages

  • Staggered services to result in slower journey times for local trips;
  • Stalybridge sees 33% cut in trans-Pennine services;
  • Skip-stop ‘stopgap’ added to nark off Rail Ale Trailers?

From the 20 May, sweeping changes are going to be made to Northern’s and Transpennine Express’ timetables. If you regularly travel by train from Ashton-under-Lyne to Mossley, you might need to pour yourself a stiff drink. Continue reading “Skip-Stop Is Coming! Timetable Trauma Threatens Trans-Pennine Links”

Dobcross Silver Band: Sunday Brass Goes to the Movies at Boarshurst Band Club

Why Dobcross Silver Band offered a blockbusting programme one Sunday in Boarshurst

In a previous life, many British Meccas were shrines to the silver screen. Instead of “Clickety Click, 66…”, the dulcet tones of Humphrey Bogart, Yul Brynner, Judy Garland, and Audrey Hepburn entranced their paying punters. Back then they had names like Ritz, Empire, Roxy, Plaza, Rex, Gaumont, or Palladium. Many had an air of luxury, a world away from the front room of a typical working-class home. Some, less upmarket, had nicknames like ‘Bug Hut’; instead of tip-up seats, there would be benches at the front.

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