I Went to Preston ‘Spoons at 9am and It Was Quiet As Hell

The eeriness of enjoying an egg muffin early doors at The Twelve Tellers

Over the last month, many of Reach Media’s local newspapers has given readers many Variations on an Early Morning Spoons Session articles. If you go to their Manchester Evening News website, we learned about The Water House at 9am. If you logged on to The Sheffield Star website, there’s every chance we’ll be told of how quiet that one in Hillsborough is on a school day.

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P-P-Pick Up a Puffin: The Joys of Inexpensive Imitation Foodstuffs

Feast of the M60 looks at knock-off foodstuffs

Imitation they say is the best form of flattery. On the other hand, it’s a flagrant breach of intellectual property laws. At present, English and Welsh copyright laws allow some leeway for the use of logos in the context of parody. Well, so long as you are not piggybacking onto a well known brand and trying to steal their thunder because you’ve adapted the Coca Cola logo.

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Can You Do a Pub Crawl on the 350 Bus Route? A Top Beer Special

Top Beer looks at the must-visit pubs along one of Greater Manchester’s most scenic bus routes

Since 2009, the Rail Ale Trail has highlighted the joys of drinking in Saddleworth’s finest pubs, and one or two in Stalybridge, Mossley, and the Colne Valley villages. One downside of its (pre-pandemic) success was that it became a pain in the proverbials to police. There had had been reports of Marsden and Stalybridge succumbing to Bacchanalian excess.

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And Then There Was Three: Revisiting a 1982 Dukinfield Pub Crawl

What became of the eleven pubs that Dave Hale visited on a Dukinfield pub crawl in 1982?

In 1982, the Campaign for Real Ale in Greater Manchester printed a monthly magazine called What’s Doing It started out as a typewritten newsletter in 1975 with five A5 pages. It was published till 2006 by Neil Richardson, who was known for his local history books. Though Manchester and Salford focused, it gave some coverage to the Rochdale Oldham and Bury, and High Peak and North East Cheshire CAMRA branches.

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Forgotten Fast Food Joints of the Last Half Century Extra #1: Huckleberry’s

Feast of the M60 looks at some more obscurities in the world of hamburger hawking

Several years ago, we did a Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten on forgotten fast food joints. We included King John’s Restaurant in the now-missed Kings Hall shopping arcade in Oldham, and the Big Bite burger bar that was in the corner of Co-op’s Shopping Giant superstore.

Since 2012, the Great British Burger Market® has become a lot more competitive. Whereas McDonalds is top dog in the mainstream market, Five Guys and Gourmet Burger Kitchen have carved a niche at the premium end. In the middle ground, J.D Wetherspoon enjoys that position, once enjoyed by Wimpy. Where it trumps many of the burger giants is the fact it sells cask conditioned ales.

Alongside McDonalds and Wimpy, the close of the 1970s saw the rise of a third force in fast food in the South of England. It was Burger Queen’s first foray into the UK market. Enter Huckleberry’s.

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Heck Feck Sausages Packet

A Brazen Banger: Heck’s Feck Sausages

Feast of the M60 reviews Heck’s latest sausage sensation

ALDI, Stalybridge, 1.45 pm: thanks to the third lockdown and one of my parents shielding till the 1st April, I have been charged with doing the big shop. After falling out of love with trudging heavy bags from Morrisons, I discovered ALDI – thanks to being back from a football match far earlier than expected last September. The biggest challenge is trying to find something good for tea that everyone would like at a reasonable cost. In my most recent shop, I came across something different in the cooked meats department.

A pack of sausages inspired by the late Frank Kelly’s most famous comedy character. Any reference to Father Ted was enough to get me purchasing the things. The £1.99 price tag for equally attractive. A change from ALDI’s already delectable Cumberland ones.

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Anita Street BW image

Holland’s Potato and Meat Family Pie: A Feast of the M60 Pie Review

Feast of the M60 weighs up Holland’s latest addition

With the pandemic still doing its worst, you could be forgiven for thinking “hey, Feast of the M60 could be doing Banana Bread reviews.” Or that East of the M60 will be doing a three-page review on hand sanitisers with an equivalent of the Zzap! 64 Gold Medal going to Cussons’ Love Hearts hand sanitiser.

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A Top Tea Treasure: Co-op’s Indian Prince

Feast of the M60 unravels a tea time treasure

It has been a while since yours truly had ventured into a Co-op for anything besides a pint or two of milk. Yet my latest visit to Manchester’s Corporation Street branch did involve two pints of milk and a box of tea bags.

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Can You Have a Full Yorkshire Picnic?

Feast of the M60 asks if you can have an all-Yorkshire picnic

With relatives on both sides of the Pennines, I could claim dual nationality status if in the unlikely event that Yorkshire secedes from Westminster rule. Thanks to the lockdown and yours truly not having left Greater Manchester since then, a strange thought occurred to me: “Could you have an all-Yorkshire picnic?”

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Rishi’s Meal Deal: Let Them Eat Luncheon Vouchers

Midweek meal ticket plan offers no real deal for families hit by Coronavirus

In the last two days since Chancellor Rishi Sunak made his Summer Statement, I was reminded of two things. The first was a children’s television programme which inspired two stunning C64 games. The second one was a more contemporary reference: a radio advert for Confused.com with references to cheap carbonara. In the advert, there is some confusion over cheap car insurance deals or cheap pasta meals.

I shall focus on the latter reference as few people under the age of 30 would have heard of Junior Kickstart. (Unless they have Half Man Half Biscuit’s This Leaden Pall LP where it is mentioned on the final track, Footprints). Kickstart (as in Sunak’s future employment programme) may be dealt with in a separate East of the M60 post.

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