Hyde North station by Rept0n1x, 2013 (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

Rose Hill Marple Rail Services Saved From Temporary Axe

People power helps to save important rail service that links Hyde with Marple

From the 14 September, rail passengers in Hyde, Woodley and Marple would have been left high and dry by temporary changes to their rail service. In just over a week’s time, there would have been no trains from Rose Hill Marple apart from a once weekly parliamentary service. This would have meant more traffic congestion, little scope for social distancing on alternative routes, and more finicky journeys.

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Stalybridge Station, Yorkshire platform and Buffet Bar

Tameside Train Timetable Changes, 15 December 2019

Stalybridge sees restoration of Liverpool to Scarborough express service

From Sunday [15 December], Stalybridge will regain its direct link with Liverpool Lime Street and Scarborough. Before May 2018, Stalybridge station was served by an hourly service from Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough via Warrington Central and York. Since the infamous May 2018 timetable changes, this was discontinued with the service being partially replaced by two skip-stop trains from Manchester Piccadilly.

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Packed Pacer

TfGM’s Prospectus For Rail: A Bold Vision to Boost GM Rail Journeys

How would Our Prospectus For Rail boost heavy rail and light rail journeys in Tameside?

Make no bones about it: Manchester is a UEFA Champions League city with EFL Division 2 rail services. In spite of Northern’s introduction of new trains on the Manchester Airport to Barrow-in-Furness route, it can do a lot better.

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Ashton Bus Station By Night

Our Network: Tameside’s Future Transport Network in Greater Manchester

Why Andy Burnham has moved one step closer to bus franchising and how this affects Tameside

Greater Manchester is one step closer to seeing off Nicholas Ridley’s free market experiment. A free market experiment that has seen a 45% drop in bus patronage in Greater Manchester. An experiment which has seen swingeing cuts to the city region’s bus routes and the shotgun divorce of GM Buses in 1994.

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Greenfield Platform Sign, Ian Kirk (2018)

Greenfield Station Snubbed in Access For All Funding Scheme

Why is Greenfield station – the only railway station in Oldham Council boundaries – still inaccessible for mobility impaired passengers?

The Trans-Pennine route via Huddersfield should be given the same level of importance as the West Coast Main Line. Or at least any commuter route in the South East of England. Between Manchester and Huddersfield you have six trains per hour. All good and proper if you travel between the two points, but what if you want to travel from Stalybridge, let alone Mossley or Greenfield?

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Packed Pacer Problem Solved for 2019 Deadline

East of the M60 EXCLUSIVE: Nodding Donkeys become beautiful bi-modes with revolutionary technology

  • 10-car Pacers set for DDA compliant overhaul;
  • New breed of Nodding Donkeys go electric.
40 more years? Imagine these units, only five times longer, with a pantograph, a steam funnel and a tender.

Set to carry on for a longer period of time than the UK’s Brexit negotiations is the fate of Northern’s Pacer units. Due to disability legislation, the much-maligned family of diesel units were scheduled for withdrawal in 2019. In reality, the delivery of Northern’s replacements have delayed the Pacer family’s withdrawal. So much so that one of the units scheduled for inclusion in the National Railway Museum’s collection is still in service.

According to reports from an informed source, East of the M60 can confirm that the Pacer family of units will be seeing continued service for another 40 years.

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Whitstable Wanderings: A Now You Know What I Did This Summer Special

Four electric trains, three Underground trains, two trams, and two buses. Oh, and Two Creatives Go Mad in The Garden of England.

In less than a year, I have broken a few travel related ducks in my time. Last September I took my first return flight on my own (from Manchester Airport to Belfast City Airport). In the last week, I have travelled on the London Underground on my own – for the first time ever and loved it. I have tripled the number of London mainline stations on my list (my first one was Waterloo back in 1987). I even did the full length of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch line.

After our latest Now You Know What I Did This Summer article (Weston-super-Mare), yours truly had designs on making A Serious Train Journey. In other words, anywhere further than Blackpool or Leeds. The Caledonian Sleeper or the Trans-Siberian Railway would have fitted the bill.

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Skipstopageddon: Reading Between the Lines on Tameside’s Train Torment

How an incomplete timetable – and more besides – have caused chaos for Tameside and Saddleworth rail passengers

Everything looks good on paper. Last month we looked at how radical changes to our train timetables would have affected Tameside and Saddleworth passengers. Our overall verdict was that the timetable was unfinished. We said it should have been enhanced with the retention of an hourly all-stations service. We also suggested that Stalybridge should have been given a stop on Transpennine Express’ service from Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle Central. Continue reading “Skipstopageddon: Reading Between the Lines on Tameside’s Train Torment”

Skip-Stop Is Coming! Timetable Trauma Threatens Trans-Pennine Links

How Standedge line skip-stop approach will sever links between Tameside, Saddleworth, and Colne Valley villages

  • Staggered services to result in slower journey times for local trips;
  • Stalybridge sees 33% cut in trans-Pennine services;
  • Skip-stop ‘stopgap’ added to nark off Rail Ale Trailers?

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Fares Unfair 2017: Priced Out of the Powerhouse?

East of the M60 draws comparisons between last year’s rail fares and this year’s price rises

Class 185 DMU, Manchester Piccadilly station
Greater Manchester’s rail scene has come on in the last seven years since this picture was taken. East of the M60 dreads to think how much an off-peak fare to Stalybridge has gone up since 2010.

First the spin: that rail fares have risen by an average of 2.2%. In reality, many casual train travellers do not believe this for one second. Especially if they make a local journey; at least with some long distance trips, you have the option of Advance Purchase tickets.
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