Greater Manchester’s Railway Stations: Less Accessible Than Those in the Scottish Highlands

Twice as many potential passengers lacking step free access at local stations

Greater Manchester seems to have had a rough deal with its railways over the last five years. Over the last five decades, it has more than its fair share of broken promises, from the cancellation of The Picc-Vic Project to today’s meddling with the HS2 project. In the 1990s, we were promised Regional Eurostar trains but we thought the market wasn’t there in the late 1990s thanks to easyJet, Ryanair and Friends. In more recent times, sleepers and international services are having a bit of a revival in mainland Europe.

Today, a simple train trip from Ashton-under-Lyne to Mossley can be an ordeal. Since 2018, you have had to change at Stalybridge (and the connections are pretty tight). Even Stalybridge to Mossley can be an ordeal if you have restricted mobility or a wheelchair. You have to change at Huddersfield due to stepped access on the Yorkshire platform!

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Revealed: Northern England’s Slowest Inter-City Train Route

The North of England’s slowest inter-city train route may surprise you

Once upon a time, 33 years ago, a famous female singer made a real comeback with the song If I Can Turn Back Time. Though 1987’s I Found Someone marked her return to the singles charts, it was the former song that made a greater impact. By 1991, thanks to the film Mermaids, her cover of The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss), she reached the top spot.

During Cher’s rise up the singles chart, Britain’s railways was in a state of transition. British Rail swapped Robert Reid for Robert Reid (in other words, Robert Basil Reid for Bob Reid). The InterCity sector started operated without a subsidy from HM Treasury. Regional Railways became a swish new identity for BR’s Provincial Sector. Locally, Stalybridge station’s buffet bar was under threat of closure with rumours of it becoming a florist; the Stockport to Stalybridge service was cut to three return journeys a day – still an improvement on the Saturdays Only return journey we see today.

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Relief as Over Sixty Important Bus Routes are Spared Service Cuts

Funding found for socially necessary Greater Manchester bus routes

With the perfect storm of skyrocketing energy prices and swingeing bus service cuts, Greater Manchester’s bus users could have been in for a much bleaker winter. The loss of Department of Transport funding on the 4th October from COVID Recovery grants would have seen cuts to 33 bus routes and the loss of 31 bus routes.

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The Wight Way To See The Isle of Wight: Now You Know What I Did This Summer, 2022

A look at what the Isle of Wight’s public transport network has to offer

The British Isles has more than 6,200 islands. As well as the mainland, this includes the Channel Islands, Western Isles and the Isle of Man. South of The Solent is the Isle of Wight, up to an hour on Wightlink and Red Funnel ferries from Southampton, Lymington and Portsmouth.

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Dogs on Trams: Yappy Days Indeed

Why dogs on Metrolink trams is a long time coming

For some people, the 1st August is Yorkshire Day, a celebration of all things to all Yorkshire folk. For example, its cultural tapestry, scenery and fine food. In Greater Manchester, it is observed by Saddleworth folk with festivals and white roses. It kicks off Saddleworth’s summertime events like the Rushcart Festival and (unofficially this year) the Yanks Weekend.

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Stagecoach Mark Platinum Jubilee with Special Livery

Two buses painted in Platinum Jubilee livery

As Great Britain and Northern Ireland prepares to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend, Stagecoach Manchester, has unveiled two platinum jubilee themed buses to mark this unprecedented anniversary.

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Oldham and Tameside Bus Service Changes Extra (24 April 2022)

Two more late additions to the Spring 2022 service changes

In the last 24 hours, we have learned of two more service changes affecting Oldham and Tameside bus routes.

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Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, 24 April 2022

End of an era for two iconic bus routes with cuts to Chadderton bus route

How many black cats have the great travelling public of Oldham and Saddleworth run over to effect this spring’s set of changes? The latest set of service changes have seen Oldham and Rochdale at the sharpest end of the cutbacks.

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Enviro400, First Greater Manchester, Oldham bus station

First Manchester Strike Starts Tomorrow

‘Reasonable offer’ not good enough for drivers set to strike

This coming Monday, First Manchester’s drivers are set to go on strike over pay and conditions. Over the last two years, Britain’s bus drivers have been at the sharp end of the pandemic through staff absences, sickness and deteriorating pay and conditions. This has been exacerbated by more favourable pay and conditions in the haulage industry.

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Hyde North station by Rept0n1x, 2013 (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

Greater Manchester’s Rail Fares: An Un-Fare Advantage?

How an £8.00 ticket caused a fuss over London and Manchester rail fares

Take one single train ticket, then add the most powerful elected mayor outside of London. Introduce another single train ticket for a journey within Greater London. Simmer for 24 hours or more on social media then add to existing North-South Divide and Us Versus London arguments till the end of time.

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