Defending our Station Ticket Offices

How closing all our station ticket offices will make train travel even less accessible

Manchester Victoria station, 4th June 1986

For a young lad raised on Thomas the Tank Engine and orange and white buses, there was nothing more exciting than travelling by train. Especially an InterCity one. Back in 1986, train journeys were a rare treat for me as we went everywhere by bus.

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Why Should You Support the RMT Rail Strike

East of the M60 says “Forward with the Railway Workers”

If our nation was a song by The Smiths, it would be Nowhere Fast from the Meat Is Murder album. It is fair to say this week’s rail strike is part of the problem, but nobody – ever takes lightly – the right to down tools.

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Cuts Scene Investigation: Your Right to Free Assembly

Dissecting the Trade Union Bill 2015 – 16

Trade Unions: what have they done for us? Over the last century, quite a lot. Without which, everybody would be working weekends. Discrimination in the workplace would be endemic. Paid holidays would be non-existent. People with disabilities would be deprived of suitable adjustments. Health and Safety, that would be non-existent. Continue reading “Cuts Scene Investigation: Your Right to Free Assembly”