A Beginners’ Guide to British Railways Mark 1 Coaching Stock

A guide to British Railways’ first railway carriage design for the absolute beginner

If you go to your nearest preserved railway line, there’s a good chance your train would be hauled by 1950s carriages. They will certainly be slam door carriages with doors at either end of the carriage, with another set half way through. In many cases, the middle set of doors are sealed up to make extra luggage space.

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Go Cheapway… to Bury

A well connected town with something for everyone from shoppers to transport fanatics

Class 101 DMU, Bury Bolton Street
The East Lancashire Railway: now celebrating its 25th anniversary, and among one of many reasons to visit Bury.

Many a Greater Manchester town centre has reported doom and gloom with half empty shopping precincts, indoor market halls feeling run down and ghostly High Streets. It may be churlish to think that Bury hasn’t been affected in some way. In fact it has weathered the storm better than most centres within Greater Manchester. Its excellent transport links and wide range of attractions has helped greatly. Continue reading “Go Cheapway… to Bury”