Charity Brass ’19, Boarshurst Band Club, 29 December 2019

How a fundraising concert for the British Heart Foundation ended Boarshurst Band Club’s 2019 season in style In about three years from now, the end-of-year charity concert at Boarshurst Band Club could well be a regular fixture. For the second year running, a scratch band set up for charitable endeavour ended the concert season in…

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 26. ABBA Medley

Our thank-you for the music Piece: ABBA Medley; Composers: Bjorn Ulvaeus/Benny Andersson; Arranger: Peter Kleine Schaars. We have now come to the final door of this year’s Brass Band Advent Calendar. Over the previous 25 days, we have given you a super-sized concert programme with solos, test pieces, and popular music.

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 25. Phoenix

One of Peter Graham’s finest works – and the inspiration behind Boarshurst Silver Band’s latest CD Piece: Phoenix; Composer and Arranger: Peter Graham. If you reading this entry, it is clear that you have clapped loud enough to justify the means for an encore. We hope you are having a fantastic Christmas Day and hope…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from East of the M60

Seasons Greetings to all our readers, old and new East of the M60 and the creator of this long-running blog, Stuart Vallantine, would like to wish all its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our thanks go to everyone who has followed this blog, shared our posts, commented on our posts, and…

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 24. Starburst

A fantastic original piece by Dan Price Piece: Starburst; Composer and Arranger: Dan Price. In the last three decades, we have seen how our favourite brands have changed names to suit a wider marketplace. Jif is now Cif; Marathon is Snickers; Bounty is Plenty; and Sure is still Sure (at one time, this was nearly…

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 23. Ticket To Ride

Alan Fernie’s arrangement of a well-loved Beatles song Piece: Ticket To Ride; Composer: Lennon/McCartney; Arranger: Alan Fernie. Trains have come a long way since The Beatles’ best known paean to train travel reached the Hit Parade. Some may argue that the golden age of the railways was the 1930s with the Flying Scotsman, Mallard and…

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 22. When Thunder Calls

A thrilling piece by Paul Lovatt-Cooper Piece: When Thunder Calls; Composer and Arranger: Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Today is the shortest day of the year. From then on, the nights get shorter and the days get longer. Sometimes, the days seem to be shorter if the weather’s grey and abysmal. Worse still when thunder calls at this…

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 21. Sugar Blues

A sweet cornet solo in more ways than one Piece: Sugar Blues; Composer: Clarence Williams; Arranger: Alan Morrison. Whether you think of this song as a lovely laid back jazz piece or the after effect of eating too much Quality Street, you cannot resist this number performed by Mike Jones.

Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 20. Valero

A lively piece by James Swearingen with jazz leanings Piece: Valero; Composer: James Swearingen. If Sean Connery as James Bond had a sideline in musical composition, there’s every chance it would sound like James Swearingen’s piece.

Tameside’s Christmas and New Year Bus Service Updates (2019)

Details of Christmas and New Year’s Day bus services in Tameside and surrounding area for 2019 – 2020 With only days to go till Christmas Day, it is that time again on East of the M60. It is our look at what we are about to receive bus-wise over the yuletide period.