Sale Brass: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (Spring 2018)

A super springtime sojourn for Sale Brass’ April concert 

Sale Brass’ return to Boarshurst Band Club saw a spectacular springtime sojourn. The Cheshire band – runners-up in the Fourth Section North West Regional Championships – gave us a lively programme. One that included a number of forgotten pieces and a one-hit wonder from 1980.

After Alan Seymour left Sale Brass Band for BMP Europe Goodshaw Brass Band, Sale Brass found a good replacement. Cue one-time trombonist for Eccles Borough Band, John Anderson. Shortly after his arrival in December 2017, Sale Brass clinched a Second Place sectional prize at the Butlins Mineworkers’ contest in Skegness.
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Introducing the Saddleworth Rambler: Nexus Move’s New 356 Service

A look at Saddleworth’s exciting new shuttle service

On Monday 09 April 2018, Andy Buckley and David Littlewood opened another chapter in the history of Saddleworth bus operation. From the turning circle in Denshaw, David Littlewood was Nexus Move’s first passenger aboard the new 356 service to Uppermill and Greenfield. He was chauffeured to his destination by Andy Buckley in a silver 67-reg Volkswagen minibus.
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Stalybridge Old Band: A Sunday Brass Special at the Boarshurst Band Club

A memorable concert with a rare guest appearance from Steven Booth

In a packed Boarshurst Band Club, last night’s concert with Stalybridge Old Band was well and truly a night to remember. As with last August’s concert, David Ashworth’s band gave us a well thought out programme. There was plenty of traditional brass band favourites as well as a side serving of early Fleetwood Mac.

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Friezland Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (Easter Day 2018)

A joyous mixture of something old and something new from Max Stannard’s band

On Easter Sunday 2018, Friezland Band gave us all a wonderful concert at The World Famous Boarshurst Band Club®. Max Stannard’s second visit to Boarshurst was as well received as his debut in March 2017. As with last year’s concert he had a penchant for themes which made for an accessible programme.
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Cambridge Analytica: “We Already Know Who’s Won Whit Friday”

East of the M60 World Exclusive:

Cambridge Analytica’s Northern Chief’s startling revelations which could shake the Whit Friday brass band contests to their very foundations

In the last month, Channel Four News, plus The Guardian and The Observer newspapers have exposed Cambridge Analytica’s role in the EU Referendum and Donald Trump’s election victory. This has entailed the use of social media and behavioural insights to influence swaying voters.

Tonight, East of the M60 can reveal that Cambridge Analytica have opened a new Northern outpost. Situated in a former rifle range with stunning views of the Tame Valley, Cambridge Analytica’s Northern Area base has seen the addition of 33 jobs. There are rumours that Stott’s Tours’ 343 service will be extended to serve its employees (sources from CA said the changes will be made on the 23 July 2018). Continue reading “Cambridge Analytica: “We Already Know Who’s Won Whit Friday””

In Pictures: The Last Days of Mercedes Citaro Operation in Tameside and Oldham

A fond farewell to First Greater Manchester’s longest serving single decker buses

Today [31 March 2018] marked the end of an era in First Greater Manchester’s 22-year history of bus operation. Their Mercedes Citaro single decker buses have been retired from revenue earning service. A popular sight in mainland Europe, the Mercedes Citaro bus has had a mixed reaction on these shores. They are seen as the bus equivalent of the ‘Burning Bush’ valve radio due to their combustibility.

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Could You Spend a Week in Oldham?

Does Oldham and surrounding area have enough attractions for a week’s holiday?

This week, Northwest Tonight and its predecessor Look North West have celebrated its fiftieth birthday. Via social media channels, the BBC Archive has scoured the library for weird and wonderful regional clips.

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Middleton Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (March 2018)

Gibbs’ Boarshurst return results in another exciting concert

Newly promoted Middleton Band sprung into action with a superb concert at the Boarshurst Band Club. Last night [25 March], they also became the first senior band to feature in Boarshurst Band Club’s live concert streams.

By coincidence rather than design, Middleton Band’s visits to Boarshurst Band Club are close to the clocks going back or going forward. Whereas November’s concert was close to the former, last night’s concert was hours away from the latter. Continue reading “Middleton Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (March 2018)”

Dobcross Youth Band: A Special Sunday Brass Night at the Boarshurst Band Club

Dobcross Youth Band’s video stars sparkle in a thrilling concert – with over 18,000 viewers 

I heard them on my wireless back in ’92/Roy Newsome’s programme blasting Punchinello too…*

In 1979, Buggles topped the charts with Video Killed The Radio Star. On the 01 August 1981, it was the first song to be played on the original MTV music channel. Back then, brass bands had extensive radio coverage on local and national BBC radio stations. With the loss of Listen To The Band, this is no longer the case.

Over at Boarshurst Band Club, today’s video stars – thanks to the wonders of internet streaming – may include the full XXXIII that make up a brass band. In addition to a good turnout at the venue, last night’s concert was seen by more than 18,000 viewers. Over 6,000 of which saw the concert in its entirety – more than the Latics’ average gate at Boundary Park.

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