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Stalybridge Bus Station: A 2030 Vision

The shape of things to come with an all-singing and all-dancing bus/train/tram interchange

It has been a while since you could transfer from three modes of transport in Stalybridge town centre. 90 years ago to be precise. If you count trolleybuses as a third mode, that was 61 years ago.

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Cross Processed Trams 3047 and 3068

Metrolink Extensions: Next Stop, Stalybridge?

East of the M60 looks at the possibility of trams returning to Stalybridge

It is 90 years ago since Stalybridge saw its last trams. Back then, the trams were facing competition with local express bus routes. In 1931, the Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, and Dukinfield Joint Tramway and Electricity Board began to phase out trams and replace most of its tram cars with buses.

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In Pictures: A Sneak Peek of Ashton-under-Lyne Interchange

A look at Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station Mark 4

From the 30 August 2020, the fourth (and smartest) version of Ashton-under-Lyne bus station will be taking its first passengers. Earlier today [23 August], it was open to let passengers familiarise themselves with the surroundings and, most importantly, stand positions. With the wet weather, it proved its worth with some passers-by who sheltered from the rain.

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The Clippercard Makes a Comeback!

Clipper ticket resurrects spirit of the Clippercard on Metrolink trams

The Clippercard is dead… long live the Clippercard! Well, that’s how we may have reported on the self-cancelling ticket’s demise if East of the M60 was around in 2004. Years after the original ticket’s demise, Greater Manchester Transport’s ten-trips-for-the-price-of-nine tickets still carry fond memories. You might have travelled with a Clippercard by fair means (with a black plastic wallet) or foul (by boarding and passing the card on to your friend).

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Metrolink double vision

Lockdown Tram Changes: Improved Frequencies But Early Finish Remains

Metrolink trams with social distancing measures in place to run every 12 minutes

From the 26 May (a date that many Manchester United fans will have fond memories of), Metrolink trams will see improved frequencies. Since the imposition of lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, frequencies were cut to every 20 minutes due to lack of funding. For evening journeys, this also meant an early finish.

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Concessionary Fare Changes: No Charge Before 9.30 am in Greater Manchester

Peak hour restrictions lifted on buses and trams

If you know somebody with a concessionary pass, or have one yourself, Transport for Greater Manchester has lifted AM peak restrictions on buses and trams.

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MCT Travel Enviro200, MX12 DZE, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station

Ashton Interchange Works: Temporary Stand Changes, 11 February 2020

The bus stands they are a changin’

As the construction of Ashton Bus Station Mark IV is months away from completion, there will be a few more stand changes to (what’s left of the) Mark III bus station.

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Cross Processed Trams 3047 and 3068

Metrolink Extensions: Where Next?

East of the M60 looks at where future Metrolink lines could be added

Nearly thirty years ago, Piccadilly Gardens was in a state of flux. A temporary state of flux as a revolutionary transport project was under construction. One that became a poster child for a new wave of tramway systems across the UK.

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Ashton Bus Station By Night

Our Network: Tameside’s Future Transport Network in Greater Manchester

Why Andy Burnham has moved one step closer to bus franchising and how this affects Tameside

Greater Manchester is one step closer to seeing off Nicholas Ridley’s free market experiment. A free market experiment that has seen a 45% drop in bus patronage in Greater Manchester. An experiment which has seen swingeing cuts to the city region’s bus routes and the shotgun divorce of GM Buses in 1994.

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Metrolink double vision

Metrolink Doubles Ashton Frequency

Ashton-under-Lyne trams every six minutes from 28 January 2019

For nearly six years, the Metrolink has offered Ashtonians a third way of getting to Manchester city centre. With trams every twelve minutes, it is a more convenient option than the train, despite the latter mode’s faster journey times. For many passengers from Ashton to Manchester, the bus offers a more convenient option – 12 buses per hour on the 216 and 219 routes alone.

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