‘Bridge Bi-Mode Breakthrough

Class 769 bi-mode trains reach Stalybridge

At 1714, arriving three years and nine minutes late on Platform 5 at Stalybridge station was the 1531 train from Southport to Stalybridge. Though the journey itself seems far from headline-grabbing, the kind of rolling stock and its delay is even more so.

Instead of the usual Class 150 Sprinter unit, the 1531 was operated by 769 442. The four-car unit is one of eight Northern trains that are bi-mode units.

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Manchester Arena by Matthew Hartley, 2012

Is Manchester Ready for Two Indoor Arenas?

East of the M60 asks, “Is Town not big enough for both of them?”

Manchester’s credentials as a musical centre of the universe is unimpeachable, though it is a claim that could be disputed by our friends in Liverpool. For many listeners, Liverpool is associated with The Beatles, the muse for Burnage’s finest musical export. Greater Manchester could also claim The Hallé Orchestra as well as Oasis, New Order and Stalybridge Old Band (the oldest brass band in the world, no less).

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Stalybridge Station, Yorkshire platform and Buffet Bar

Tameside Train Timetable Changes, 15 December 2019

Stalybridge sees restoration of Liverpool to Scarborough express service

From Sunday [15 December], Stalybridge will regain its direct link with Liverpool Lime Street and Scarborough. Before May 2018, Stalybridge station was served by an hourly service from Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough via Warrington Central and York. Since the infamous May 2018 timetable changes, this was discontinued with the service being partially replaced by two skip-stop trains from Manchester Piccadilly.

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Northern Class 195, Manchester Airport

Should Northern Rail Be Nationalised? Be Careful What You Wish For

Or: is the Grayling Curse to blame for Northern’s woes?

The rail franchising system is dead. Long live the rail franchising system. In the last year, we have seen a recasting of the rail franchising system in favour of management contracts. Since 1994, rail franchises in Great Britain have mirrored former British Rail profit centres, which in turn have roots in BR’s sectorisation programme by Sir Robert (Basil) Reid.

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Packed Pacer

TfGM’s Prospectus For Rail: A Bold Vision to Boost GM Rail Journeys

How would Our Prospectus For Rail boost heavy rail and light rail journeys in Tameside?

Make no bones about it: Manchester is a UEFA Champions League city with EFL Division 2 rail services. In spite of Northern’s introduction of new trains on the Manchester Airport to Barrow-in-Furness route, it can do a lot better.

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Calling All GM Stations: A Look at TfGM’s Action Stations Plan

How Action Stations aims to transform Greater Manchester’s railway stations

Calling All GM Stations

Greater Manchester has 97 railway stations. Many of them are unstaffed with some lacking any disabled access at all. Most of the City Region’s stations are managed by its principal rail franchisee, Arriva Rail North’s Northern franchise. Stockport is managed by Virgin West Coast; Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria, by Major Stations. Stalybridge station is managed by First Transpennine Express. Continue reading “Calling All GM Stations: A Look at TfGM’s Action Stations Plan”

Transpennine Express Service Boost for Stalybridge

New timetable sees three trains per hour to West Yorkshire

Stalybridge Station and Class 185

From the 18 May, there will be more Yorkshire bound trains from Stalybridge railway station. The new timetable will not only see the retention of its service to Scarborough and Liverpool Lime Street. Stalybridge will also be an additional stop on the Manchester Piccadilly to Hull Paragon service. Therefore, including the all stations service to Huddersfield, there will be three trains per hour to Huddersfield. Services to Leeds and Manchester Piccadilly will be every half hour. Continue reading “Transpennine Express Service Boost for Stalybridge”

Great Little Railway Stations of Northern England: The Not So Perfect Ten

Plus the odd not-so-little one perhaps…

Stalybridge Station, signal gantry
Under Starters Orders.

Of late, I have rediscovered Gordon Buck’s ‘A Pictorial Survey of Railway Stations’ (Oxford Publishing Co., Oxford, 1992). For lovers of architecture as well as our railways, it is an excellent book with reference to each station by year, railway company and architect. As it has been long deleted, try your local secondhand bookshop. Failing that, Amazon.co.uk and eBay might have copies knocking about. This very book has inspired our latest Not So Perfect Ten.

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In Pictures: The Redevelopment of Stalybridge Station

Stalybridge railway station’s remodelling work, over the space of a year

Stalybridge Station and Class 185
185124 loading at platform four on the 1224 journey to Scarborough.

Last autumn, we had an update on the remodelling works at Stalybridge railway station. Following my last proper visit, I kept my promise of making another visit in the new year. So far, most of the work has been completed. The only exception to this are the lifts on the Manchester and Yorkshire platforms and the lack of real time information on the display boards on Platforms 1 – 3.

Before we wander off, some of our images were taken during the remodelling works, with a ‘before and after’ aspect to them. For photography nerds, the ‘before’ images were taken with a FED-4B rangefinder camera with AGFA Vista Plus film (24 exposure ISO200, purchased from Poundland’s Huddersfield branch).

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Stalybridge Railway Station for Beginners

A semi-complete history of Tameside’s mainline railway station

Stalybridge Station, platform 2
Stalybridge railway station, from the Manchester platform, February 2009

This week will see the upgrade of Stalybridge railway station completed. In the last decade, the station has come up in leaps and bounds with a new ticket office, toilets, waiting shelter and a refurbished buffet bar. In place of a brick built shelter (which served as a coffee shop) and a rudimentary waiting shelter, a new shelter with both the coffee shop and waiting area has replaced the two separate buildings. The Stalybridge station of 2013 will have five platforms and lifts as well as improvements made over the last decade. Continue reading “Stalybridge Railway Station for Beginners”