“The Next Train Will Not Be Calling At Un-Fairfield Station…”

Outrage as staffing issues sees cessation of train services at Tameside railway station Prior to seeing its franchise being taken over by the Department for Transport’s Operator of Last Resort, Arriva’s Northern operation was noted for its staffing issues. Tameside’s rail passengers were at the sharpest end of Arriva’s staffing issues, as Stalybridge to Manchester […]

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The Clippercard Makes a Comeback!

Clipper ticket resurrects spirit of the Clippercard on Metrolink trams The Clippercard is dead… long live the Clippercard! Well, that’s how we may have reported on the self-cancelling ticket’s demise if East of the M60 was around in 2004. Years after the original ticket’s demise, Greater Manchester Transport’s ten-trips-for-the-price-of-nine tickets still carry fond memories. You […]

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Guess The Moquette: The Answers

Were you as clued up on your bus, train, tram or tube moquette as everybody else at East of the M60 Towers? Fret not, here’s the answers One or two of you might have been racking your brains over our moquette quiz during the lockdown. After several weeks, we have either put you out of […]

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