Hazel Grove Goes Green: Electric Hybrids Reach the 192 Route

Popular service sees environmentally friendlier buses along the A6

Stagecoach Manchester Enviro 400 Electric Hybrid, MX60 BVT
Long Time Coming: After almost two years in service, electric hybrid buses will soon be seen on the 192 route. Here’s a taster of what the A6 corridor will be receiving, albeit with 62 registrations.

A ¬£11.3 million investment over the next three months, will see the introduction of 40 brand new hybrid vehicles.¬†Stagecoach Manchester announced its investment into the busy 192 service ahead of the introduction of the first 12 buses, on Friday 1st February. Continue reading “Hazel Grove Goes Green: Electric Hybrids Reach the 192 Route”

HS2 Northern Section: East of the M60’s Verdict

East of the M60 on the High Speed Two proposals

East of the M60 would like to apologise for the late arrival of this article and the inconvenience this has caused to your reading.

So, ¬£32 billion for a thousand or so miles of high speed track, new trains and new stations? Sounds good to me. Sounds like an opportunity to bring our rail network towards Mainland Europe during the noughties. The only problem is the wait: 2033 is the proposed year of completion, by which time a great many of us would be working from home. Continue reading “HS2 Northern Section: East of the M60’s Verdict”

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