Once Upon a Breakfast Time in the North West…

My life betwixt 30 years of breakfast television

I was quite a hyperactive child in 1983. Unlike today, I had no trouble getting up early in the morning. This wasn’t down to my eagerness of going to the Hollings Lodge playgroup (God rest its little stone built soul now replaced by inferior brick built semis!), but more my inability to sleep properly. Before the 17 January 1983, my only option at half past six in the morning was Piccadilly Radio. The sleepless Stuart Vallantine of 1982-83 used to enjoy listening Pete Baker’s Nightshift show as a consequence. Continue reading “Once Upon a Breakfast Time in the North West…”

Banishing the January Blues: Doing Good and Feeling Good

Add a Rosy Tint to the January Blues by Volunteering to Help Others

As 21 January – labelled the most depressing day of the year hits, Big Lottery Fund (BIG) is calling on people across the North of England to give Blue Monday a rosy glow by volunteering their time at a local community group or charity. Continue reading “Banishing the January Blues: Doing Good and Feeling Good”

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