In Pictures: The Redevelopment of Stalybridge Station

Stalybridge railway station’s remodelling work, over the space of a year

Stalybridge Station and Class 185
185124 loading at platform four on the 1224 journey to Scarborough.

Last autumn, we had an update on the remodelling works at Stalybridge railway station. Following my last proper visit, I kept my promise of making another visit in the new year.┬áSo far, most of the work has been completed. The only exception to this are the lifts on the Manchester and Yorkshire platforms and the lack of real time information on the display boards on Platforms 1 – 3.

Before we wander off, some of our images were taken during the remodelling works, with a ‘before and after’ aspect to them. For photography nerds, the ‘before’ images were taken with a FED-4B rangefinder camera with AGFA Vista Plus film (24 exposure ISO200, purchased from Poundland’s Huddersfield branch).

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