Rififi Closure: A Case for Reopening the Palace as a Community Cinema?

With the party more or less over for Stalybridge’s nightlife, is the case for reopening the Palace building as a cinema greater than ever?

“My chances of seeing Terminator 3, are moving away from me, As the cinema, 20 minutes away, could be closing any day.

“A night club is proposed, The town has its fair share, clubs and pubs everywhere. Alternatives will be needed: arts centres, amateur theatres, town centre cinemas…

“Town centre cinemas, are more inclusive, the multiplexes are more exclusive. The former are more accessible, the latter caters for motor vehicles, And the price of popcornʼs unbelievable. The architectureʼs wholly diabolical.

“Theyʼre just sheds, although theyʼre popular, though some exceptions…”

The Last Picture Show (Stuart Vallantine, 27 July 2003)

The Palace Cinema building in Stalybridge is set to celebrate its centenary in style. It has in the last decade been known as Rififi and Amber Lounge. Instead of celebrating its decade as a night club, or centenary as a building, it is going to see in 2013 in the same way as The Pineapple, H2O and Bar Liquid. Continue reading “Rififi Closure: A Case for Reopening the Palace as a Community Cinema?”

Tameside Bus Service Changes, 27 January 2013

Retiming order of the day instead of radical changes to network

First Greater Manchester Enviro400, SN12 AOH, Oldham bus station
10% faster than this month? Journey times on the above route are set to be reduced from the 27 January.

Our first set of changes for the New Year is a mere tinkering at the edges with bus’ biggest competitor, the motor car, its main problem. As a consequence, this season’s set of changes are mainly light tweaks to timetables, most of which slight extensions to peak hour journeys. Continue reading “Tameside Bus Service Changes, 27 January 2013”

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