Forgotten Gems of Children’s ITV: The Not So Perfect Ten

In response to ITV’s documentary on CITV, East of the M60‘s head honcho released a few glaring omissions…

I enjoyed ITV’s documentary on Children’s ITV’s 30th anniversary, but I felt that the programme was more suitable for existing CITV viewers – and viewers born after 1986 – with televisual nostalgia leanings. Though Funhouse and Danger Mouse were quite rightly mentioned, there were such other gems which – in my opinion – were the embodiment of Children’s ITV. Continue reading “Forgotten Gems of Children’s ITV: The Not So Perfect Ten”

East of the M60 Advent Calendar Quiz: The Answers

At last, the answers to our Advent Quizmas Season:

  1. ATV (or if you prefer, Associated Television);
  2. Family Fortunes presenters;
  3. Caroline (for Radio Caroline);
  4. Stalybridge;
  5. Public Houses (The Q Bar and The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn);
  6. Chris Tarrant;
  7. Endurance;
  8. Inspector Morse;
  9. S;
  10. Secondary;
  11. English Baccalaureate;
  12. Sorry I’m A Lady;
  13. Apple;
  14. Hattersley, or Gee Cross;
  15. Neil Kinnock;
  16. My Guy;
  17. Sister Act;
  18. Fairfield Moravian Settlement (would also accept Fairfield or Droylsden);
  19. Hyde Central and Woodley;
  20. Peter Withe;
  21. Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People, Sporting Chronicle, Manchester Evening Chronicle;
  22. Dollar;
  23. Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night;
  24. New Faces.

Congratulations to anyone who got most of the questions – or at least one of the questions right. By a long way off, Buspilot answered the most questions correctly.

S.V., 26 December 2012.

2012, In the Company of Buses

East of the M60’s review of the year from a public transport angle

First Greater Manchester Enviro400, SN12 AOF, near Rochdale bus station
East of the M60’s Bus of the Year: one of First Greater Manchester’s Enviro400s seen in Rochdale, hitherto seen in London on Olympic duties.

2012 was a most eventful year for bus, rail and tram users throughout Greater Manchester and the High Peak. It ended with a Metrolink extension, began with the demise of a local bus company, and somewhere in between, there was a handful of new liveries. In Lancashire, it began with the demise of a well known bus route, and ended with the possible demolition of Preston’s iconic bus station. Continue reading “2012, In the Company of Buses”

Merry Christmas from East of the M60

East of the M60's Christmas Card for 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is hours away, even if that Most Wonderful Time of the Year is bereft of buses. East of the M60 hopes you get everything you want this year, such as the model Borismaster you have coveted for over the last six months.

Before you rush off to open your presents tomorrow or try to feign interest in Deal or No Deal, please note that:

  • The 330 and 409 will be running a limited service on Boxing Day (half hourly during shopping hours), along with the 201, 216 and 219;
  • The Boxing Day 330 will be advantageous for Hyde fans visiting Edgeley Park;
  • It may be double fare or Tariff 3 on the local taxis for ‘Bridge fans watching Altrincham at Bower Fold;
  • You cannot escape the furniture adverts on ITV;
  • Timeshifting your Christmas viewing will prove to be a useful ally, especially if you like Downton Abbey and The Royle Family.

Apart from all that, East of the M60 wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. May your Christmas be wet (which it will be anyway), tinged with real ale, and include three points at Edgeley Park or Bower Fold.

S.V., 24 December 2012.

East of the M60 Advent Calendar Quiz: Question 24

Our final question…

24. Of the following television programmes: Takeover Bid, Play Your Cards Right, New Faces and The Price Is Right, which one of the four wasn’t presented by Sir Bruce Forsyth?

That concludes our Advent Quiz. The answers to all 24 questions will be revealed on Boxing Day. Gertcha!

East of the M60 Advent Calendar Quiz: Question 21

21. On Withy Grove, prior to becoming The Print Works in 2000, which national newspapers were printed there till 1988?

Apocalypse Now That’s What I Call Music – Rebellious Mixtape #6

A special Rebellious Mixtape to commemorate the end of the Mayan Calendar

If you don’t see this post by 1111 Greenwich Mean Time, our fellow Mayan comrades of old may well have been right. Even though there’s no scientific evidence of forthcoming asteroids or polar shifts, East of the M60 still decided to devise an opportunist playlist. In the good old Ronco/K-Tel kind of way, of course. Including the token Dollar track.

It has more twists than Conservative party policies, or the sum total of thrill rides in all amusement parks throughout the UK. Apocalypse Now That’s What I Call Music* is brilliantly executed, compulsive, sensational**, eclectic and – quite thankfully and rightly (because the playlist May Cause Mild Peril) – not available in any shops. Or anywhere else. At all.

Let’s have it! Continue reading “Apocalypse Now That’s What I Call Music – Rebellious Mixtape #6”

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