Hazel Grove Goes Green: Electric Hybrids Reach the 192 Route

Popular service sees environmentally friendlier buses along the A6

Stagecoach Manchester Enviro 400 Electric Hybrid, MX60 BVT
Long Time Coming: After almost two years in service, electric hybrid buses will soon be seen on the 192 route. Here’s a taster of what the A6 corridor will be receiving, albeit with 62 registrations.

A £11.3 million investment over the next three months, will see the introduction of 40 brand new hybrid vehicles. Stagecoach Manchester announced its investment into the busy 192 service ahead of the introduction of the first 12 buses, on Friday 1st February.

The route, which serves Hazel Grove, Stockport, Levenshulme and Longsight and carries an average of 187,000 passengers per week, will see the arrival of a further 16 new buses a month later. The remaining 12 vehicles will be introduced between the Saturday 2nd March and Friday 15th March.

The new hybrid fleet has been purchased via the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Green Bus Fund, which provided approximately £3.5 million funding to supplement Stagecoach Manchester’s £7.8 million spend. The launch of the new hybrid fleet will mark the largest ever single investment into buses on a single route in Greater Manchester and will provide customers with a more environmentally friendly service.

The electric-hybrid design, which is fuelled by a sophisticated battery system supported by a small traditional diesel engine, will emit 30 per cent less carbon than the standard buses. Designed and created by the UK’s leading bus and coach manufacturer, Alexander Dennis, supported by BAE Systems, the new vehicles will offer passengers a cleaner, smoother, more comfortable ride.

Christopher Bowles, managing director of Stagecoach Manchester, commented: “The commissioning of 40 new hybrid buses for the 192 route is yet another significant investment in our region-wide operations.

“This route is one of the most intensive services outside London and we hope that our initiative will be welcomed by all local residents.”

“We will be developing and expanding our fleet and services further in 2013 to ensure that local residents can continue to enjoy excellent service, increased convenience and a greener, more environmentally friendly way of travelling.”

The 192 has come a long way in the last decade, offering passengers a sound alternative to the car and parallel rail services along the A6. Stagecoach Manchester’s new arrival is a far cry from 2006 when the Perth giant’s Dennis Tridents and MANs competed against these specimens, operated by UK North:

114 Ikarus DAF W177 CDN, GM Buses/UK North, Piccadilly Gardens
May 2006: when UK North tried and failed to compete with Stagecoach Manchester. Today’s electric hybrids will offer a more comfortable and environmentally friendlier ride than this Ikarus DAF did nearly six years ago.

Recent changes will consolidate its position as one of Greater Manchester’s most frequent and popular bus routes.

S.V., 31 January 2013.


5 thoughts on “Hazel Grove Goes Green: Electric Hybrids Reach the 192 Route

Add yours

    1. One never knows, Michael.

      I think the 330 rather than the 216 may be likely for conversion onto electric hybrid bus form. I would say the former route, supposing the Metrolink makes a significant dent on the 216’s passenger numbers. The question is whether, after the 11 February, Droylsdonians remain loyal to the 216 or gradually adopt the tram.

      My Starter for Ten on the next route(s) most likely for hybrid status? I think it’ll either be the 42, 86 or the 201.

      Bye for now,



  1. 42 is already a hybrid route on the Stockport journeys, along with the 43.

    Managed to get on one of the new hybrids this afternoon, very similar to the existing ones on the 42/43, 197 and 219, although does have the added bonus of wi-fi, which will be useful for anyone travelling with tablets or smartphones. However, did see one hybrid being hitched up onto the back of a recovery vehicle, so that doesn’t look promising. First day teething problem perhaps.

    Metrolink/TfGM have also released details today of the Metrolink fare range for the East Manchester line and from what I’ve read/heard, some of the fares will be more expensive than the 216/231, particularly at peak-times. I suppose it will be a question of speed vs cost. But’s that another story 🙂


    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for filling me in on the 42/43 hybrid journeys. Now that I’ve found that the new Enviro400s have WiFi on the 192, how do System One/Concessionary pass holders get the password? How I would love to see WiFi throughout Greater Manchester’s trunk bus routes!

      I assume that the Metrolink fares from Droylsden to Piccadilly Gardens would be dearer than Stagecoach’s. Notwithstanding the fact that the gap between Stagecoach and Metrolink fares [Droylsden – Piccadilly Gardens] will be greater than those between Metrolink’s and First Greater Manchester’s fares [Shaw – Market Street].

      Bye for now,



  2. Interesting working saw one of Hyde Road’s own Hybrid Enviro 400s find its way onto 50 East Didbury-MediaCityUK service last night, I saw it heading up Salford Crescent MediaCityUK bound while I was on my way into Manchester on Firsts 37 service at about 20:30, first time I’ve actually seen at Stagecoach Hybrid the Salford side of Manchester before


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