Stagecoach electric bus, Sharston depot

Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s ‘Electrification’ of Didsbury Bus Routes

32 all-electric double decker buses go live

This week, Stagecoach Greater Manchester is proud to unveil Greater Manchester’s first double-decker electric buses in a £16.5m investment. The 32 electric buses operate on the popular 111 and 43 routes connecting Manchester city centre, Manchester Airport, five hospitals and three universities. 

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If Greater Manchester Transport Did Aeroplanes…

Could we have seen a GMT liveried Concorde flying over Concord Way?

The Greater Manchester Museum of Transport in Cheetham is a wonderful tourist attraction. Besides its collection of buses, bus stop flags, and other artefacts, it has an excellent café. The museum really comes alive on special event weekends – such as the Christmas Cracker or commemorative events. For many people, it is well known for the Trans-Lancs Transport Show which takes place on Heaton Park, on the first Sunday in September.

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HS2 Northern Section: East of the M60’s Verdict

East of the M60 on the High Speed Two proposals

East of the M60 would like to apologise for the late arrival of this article and the inconvenience this has caused to your reading.

So, £32 billion for a thousand or so miles of high speed track, new trains and new stations? Sounds good to me. Sounds like an opportunity to bring our rail network towards Mainland Europe during the noughties. The only problem is the wait: 2033 is the proposed year of completion, by which time a great many of us would be working from home. Continue reading “HS2 Northern Section: East of the M60’s Verdict”

Recreational Bus and Coach travel in the 1980s

The joys of summertime bus and coach travel in the North of England

For bus enthusiasts, the 1980s was a transitional period which made other transitional periods seem halcyonic. It was a decade which opened with the dawn of coach deregulation and finished with the privatisation of former National Bus Company subsidiaries. Not to mention bus deregulation, an abomination which wreaked havoc in many an urban area and cut off rural communities from affordable alternatives to private motoring.

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