Whit Friday 2018 Results: Saddleworth Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on the Oldham and Saddleworth Area Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Results.

Brighouse and Rastrick Band top of the tree 

In the Saddleworth contests, Brighouse and Rastrick Band came up trumps. This year they picked up Best Open prizes in all but three contests throughout the Saddleworth area.

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A History of Piccadilly Radio Jingles (Part Two): The Nineties

Another nostalgic look at the former radio station’s jingles

The 1990s was a seminal decade for Piccadilly’s two radio stations. It opened with an upsurge in Key 103’s fortunes and the transformation of its AM service as a golden oldies station. By the end of the decade, Key 103 was top dog among Greater Manchester’s radio listeners. Piccadilly Gold became Piccadilly Magic 1152 – later Magic 1152 and Key 2 in the 21st Century.

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If Greater Manchester Transport Did Aeroplanes…

Could we have seen a GMT liveried Concorde flying over Concord Way?

The Greater Manchester Museum of Transport in Cheetham is a wonderful tourist attraction. Besides its collection of buses, bus stop flags, and other artefacts, it has an excellent café. The museum really comes alive on special event weekends – such as the Christmas Cracker or commemorative events. For many people, it is well known for the Trans-Lancs Transport Show which takes place on Heaton Park, on the first Sunday in September.

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Have Yourself a Merry Disco Christmas: A Cheesy Tunes Special

Reflections on Mirror Image? A spin with the Roller Disco Orchestra? Cheesy Tunes bites back

Christmas: such a great period to spend time with our family, or put aside a few musical differences. Or the good use of a few days or fortnight away from work (unless the Tories use Brexit to stop this). At this time of writing, it looks as if Ed Sheeran is set to have this year’s Christmas Number One single. A world away from when cheesiness used to dominate the pop charts at Christmas. Continue reading “Have Yourself a Merry Disco Christmas: A Cheesy Tunes Special”

On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1

A look at the bafflingly popular Yorkshire Television quiz show which ran for ten years

Before the 29 July 1978, Saturdays in front of the television meant World of Sport or Grandstand. Then a peek at the latest imported programme at teatime (something like The Man From Atlantis). Encroaching into the prime time slot, there was one inalienable truth for many viewers: the BBC had the best variety and light entertainment programmes. Continue reading “On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1”

Whit Friday 2017 Results: Saddleworth Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on the Oldham and Saddleworth Area Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Results.

Brighouse and Rastrick, and Fairey Bands dominant

The Saddleworth contests proved to be a good Whit Friday for the Brighouse and Rastrick, and Fairey bands. If we were allegorical about the Saddleworth villages’ first prize winners, in political terms, a Hung Parliament compared with the Foden’s Band’s landslide victory in Tameside.

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Sidebottom Fold Set To Be The New Glastonbury

East of the M60 World Exclusive: BridgeFest 2017 about to be Stalybridge’s first music festival

Thousands of music lovers could be descending on Stalybridge in the middle of June for three solid days of live musical entertainment. Entitled BridgeFest, it aims to do to Sidebottom Fold what Michael Eavis did for Glastonbury. There will be four stages, a food court, some tribute acts as well as up and coming bands, plus a choice of first class and second class camping facilities. Food and drink will also be locally sourced with gluten free, wheat free, vegan, and dairy free options available. Continue reading “Sidebottom Fold Set To Be The New Glastonbury”

Whit Friday 2016 Results: Saddleworth Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on the Oldham and Saddleworth Area Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Results.

Fairey, Hepworth and Brighouse and Rastrick bands take centre stage in the Saddleworth contests

In the Saddleworth Whit Friday band contests, the balance of power has shifted from Queensbury to Brighouse, Hepworth and Stockport. Brighouse and Rastrick Band were top dog at Delph and Denshaw. Fairey won the top prize at the Lydgate, and Scouthead and Austerlands contests. Winning at Diggle and Dobcross, a recently re-energised Hepworth Silver Band.

In Lees and Springhead, the Birmingham Conservatoire band picked up the top prize with Brighouse and Rastrick in second place. Over at the Friezland contest, it was Greenfield which picked up top honours at the contest for lower section bands. They were also the first band to play at the parish hall.

The atrocious weather did nothing to stop the bands descending on the Saddleworth venues. Delph played host to 80 bands; Dobcross saw 70; and Diggle equalled their contest record of 63 bands. There was 48 bands at Friezland, a figure modest for Saddleworth standards, but a fantastic one if held three miles south of the venue.

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Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night

Another good night at the Town Cinema

Last Tuesday’s showing of Yanks [on the 22 March] was well received at the Stalybridge Town Cinema. The film, directed by John Schlesinger (1979), was chosen by means of a public vote on the Stalybridge Town Community Cinema Facebook page. Among its audience, the 2 hour 15 minute film was well received. Continue reading “Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night”

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