Stagecoach Manchester Strike Action Called Off

Revised pay deal for bus workers confirmed

A new pay deal for the employees of Greater Manchester’s largest bus operator has staved off the threat of strike action. Yesterday (19 October), Stagecoach Manchester has confirmed that agreement has been reached on a pay deal for bus workers in Manchester. Local trade union representatives have worked constructively with Stagecoach Manchester on a pay offer that has now been agreed by employees.

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Jobseekers’ Discount Scheme Pays Off for Stagecoach

Jobseekers’ bus journeys double on Stagecoach routes as UK vacancies near million mark

  • Trips under Stagecoach’s National Jobseekers’ discounted travel initiative up 115% since May;
  • Bus travel to find work rises as latest ONS data reveals more than 950,000 UK job vacancies;
  • More than 120 people a day applying to work with Britain’s biggest bus and coach operator;
  • Job applications up 8.5% on pre-COVID levels as 300 operations and engineering roles on offer;
  • Government figures show bus journeys outside London now close to 70% of pre-COVID levels.

The Bus Bus Bus could take us to our Jobs Jobs Jobs as Britons get back to bus. Passenger numbers are beginning to reach pre-COVID levels outside London. For the country’s jobseekers, demand for buses have doubled as individuals look to secure roles among a record number of vacancies in the UK.

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Stagecoach Manchester Enviro200 MX11 HHC, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station

Stagecoach Greater Manchester Begins Near Restoration of Weekday and Saturday Timetables

Timetables to run at 70% of pre-COVID-19 levels next month – then to 80% of pre-COVID-19 levels by mid June

Across England, the Stagecoach Group has today confirmed it will be increasing bus service levels from the 01 June. Its aim is to get the country moving as lockdown restrictions start to ease.

Emergency bus timetables have been in place since March to help key workers travel to and from work and for other essential journeys. This has seen services running to Sunday frequencies with peak hour journeys. In some cases, at a lower level than the usual Sunday service offerings.

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The TAC Building and Ashton Bus Station, as seen in 2011.

A Brief History of TAC

East of the M60’s potted history of TAC (Tameside Administrative Centre) with reference to its successor, Tameside One

On the 25 February 2019, Tameside One – the replacement for Tameside Administrative Centre – will open its doors for the first time. The borough’s cheaper replacement will be more energy efficient and, for the functions of Tameside MBC, a smaller building. It will be shared with Tameside College, the DWP, and Wilko Stores Ltd.

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Women Into Transport Inspires Budding Photographer

Photography student inspired by Stagecoach Manchester project

In the last year, Stagecoach Manchester have launched their Women Into Transport campaign. Its aim is to make the transport industry an attractive one for female employees. With female drivers only accounting for 6% of Stagecoach Manchester’s driving staff, they hosted open days at their Sharston and Ashton-under-Lyne depots. The latter was also the subject of an outside broadcast by Tameside Radio.

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Smooth Operators: Why 489 Bus Drivers Lead The Way In Safe Driving

Stagecoach Manchester bus drivers recognised for safe driving skills and fuel efficiency

Alongside punctuality and reliability, comfort tops the list of many a passenger’s experience on Britain’s most popular form of public transport. Seats are one factor, from back support to legroom. Another factor is the bus’ ride quality. Does it glide along the East Lancashire Road, or does a trip along Victoria Street feel like The Grand National?

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One Thousand Years On The Buses

Stagecoach Manchester staff recognised for a thousand years combined service in the bus industry

Thirty-five members of staff at Stagecoach Manchester were recognised for their dedication at the 2017 Long Service Awards. Each of them, having worked for Stagecoach and its predecessors for 20 years or more, have clocked up a total of 1,033 years of service. Back in 986, Dino would have had to pay full fare. Fred and Wilma, back in the day, were so frustrated with the LIII to Belle Vue that they bought their own set of wheels.

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Women Into Transport Set to Challenge Male Dominated Industry

Stagecoach Manchester leads charge to get more women into transport industry.

For well over a century, the bus industry has been a male dominated one. Men have driven buses, designed the things, and managed bus undertakings. It is worth noting that a brother, husband and sister formed one of the world’s largest transport operators. The one that accounts for a 100 million bus journeys in Greater Manchester alone.

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Return of the Tommy Shop: Tories to Introduce Prepaid Cards on ‘Troubled Families’

Prepaid cards for social security claimants with ‘destructive habits’ planned for next year

At the very zenith of the industrial revolution, back when Oldham, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester prospered from the cotton industries, its mill owners wielded great power on its employees. Its working hours, use of child labour and poor conditions led to the rise of the trade union movement. Though some were altruistic and built excellent facilities for their staff (case in point, Hugh Mason House and the Twelve Apostles in Ashton-under-Lyne), the popular image of mill owners was at best devious. Continue reading “Return of the Tommy Shop: Tories to Introduce Prepaid Cards on ‘Troubled Families’”

Zero Hour Contracts and Autism Spectrum Conditions: Far From Easy Bedfellows

Like loading a ZX Spectrum game in a Commodore 64 Datasette? Probably.

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