You Know You’re In Your 30s When…

(At this time of writing) You were born between 1975 and 1985

Me, as seen inĀ glorious Commodore 64-o-vision! The train I’m aboard isn’t much older than the C64 itself.

For a change from the usual stuff, this post follows in the theme of the “You Know You’re a Mancunian Child of the ’80s…” type of entries. Only this time, we focus on the travails of being a thirty-something male. Most of – perhaps all of – the points are gender neutral (yes, in an age where political correctness is on the wain, I still refer to Sony’s portable cassette player as a ‘Walkperson’).

Enough of the waffling, on with the show… Continue reading “You Know You’re In Your 30s When…”


50% Man 0.5 Biscuit: Numerical References in HMHB Songs

The application of number in Half Man Half Biscuit songs

Almost everything on this Septic Isle of ours is subject to the tyranny of number. Whether that’s alcoholic units, railway punctuality and reliability figures, or our PIN number, they are used to reassure us or nanny us to drink less beer. Or they tell us which time our bus is not going to show. Continue reading “50% Man 0.5 Biscuit: Numerical References in HMHB Songs”

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