Any Bus, Anywhere, in Greater Manchester: Introducing TfGM’s Route Explorer

A look at Transport for Greater Manchester’s exciting new travel planning tool

First Greater Manchester Volvo B7TL/ALX400, YJ51 RCX, Oldham bus station
Never miss a bus again: TfGM’s Route Explorer enables you to find bus stops and routes nearest to your locality. It details all bus services throughout the Greater Manchester area and offers links to its timetable library.

The lack of a decent travel planner has probably been a bone of contention for Greater Manchester’s bus users. With Google Maps and First Greater Manchester’s mobile app telling you when the next 343’s due, as well as directions on foot, it seemed as if TfGM and its contemporaries would fall behind. Continue reading “Any Bus, Anywhere, in Greater Manchester: Introducing TfGM’s Route Explorer”

Tameside Reporter Returns to Ashton

Tameside Radio also follows suit as Quest Media Group moves operations to Cavendish Mill annexe

Another chapter in the Tameside Reporter’s history continues as they leave Stalybridge, headquarters to both Tameside Reporter and Glossop Chronicle titles since 1986.

After a 28 year sojourn on Acres Lane, Stalybridge, the Tameside Reporter is set to return to its roots in Ashton-under-Lyne this coming Monday [29 September 2014]. In tow will be its sister newspaper, the Glossop Chronicle, and Tameside Radio, who have used the modern offices as a temporary studio in the last year. Continue reading “Tameside Reporter Returns to Ashton”