DevoManc: Could the Republic of Greater Mancunia Become Reality?

Q: Are We Not Men? A: No, We Are Manc

The United Kingdom: a population of around 62 million. One that is still united in its post-1707 form thanks to Better Together winning the argument (55% against Scottish Independence on Friday 19 September 2014). In the light of Scotland’s big day, which recorded a record turnout, there was calls for devolution in England. Not only an English Parliament (as suggested by Wokingham and Wellingborough Conservative MPs John Redwood and Peter Bone respectively) but also city-wide devolution.

In short, the possibility of a Republic of Mancunia. More realistically, a realisation that the 1986 abolition of the Metropolitan County Councils was a retrograde step?
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On Reflection: The Definitive Collection of Visual Works by John Tribe

A profile and reappraisal of the illustrator’s works.

Previously published on East of the M60 as On Reflection: The Collected Visual Works of John Tribe on the 10 June 2014.

Though not one of East of the M60’s most read pieces, the original piece attracted the attention John Tribe himself! He was ‘flattered and speechless’ to say the least, and needless to say, I was amazed too. Amazed in the same sense how Joe Royle described 1989-90 as his ‘pinch-me’ season with the Latics going to Wembley.

Since then, I have had continued contact with Mr. Tribe who has kindly furnished me with further details, corrections and clarifications. Hence the slight change to the title.

Many thanks to John, not only for the research notes,  but also for the two lovely architectural books I received. One of which had been on my Christmas or birthday present list for the last five years.

Stuart Vallantine,
John Tribe,
Saturday 20 September 2014.

*                              *                              *

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