Game 6, Group H (Walton): 184 v. 350 

For our forty-eighth and final fixture of the league stages, we look at two magnificent rural routes which pass the Saddleworth villages.

Towards Marsden

If you can do the full 184 route from Huddersfield to Manchester, you are in for a treat. The first thing which hits you is the gradual climb from Manchester city centre to Oldham via Hollinwood. We see a near seamless industrial landscape which drifts into suburbia and post-industrial rural tranquil. Its centrepiece – by far – is the section between Diggle and Marsden, over the Standedge tunnels. On passing the West Yorkshire boundary, the views of the Colne Valley villages are pretty good too.

Towards Scouthead

Due to its length, there’s a greater chance of being able to do the 350 route in full. As we have said many times before, the section between Waterhead and Delph is the route’s crowning glory. Whereas the 184 is effectively two routes in one (it absorbed the 365 service), the 350 provides a useful link between most of the Saddleworth villages. It was formerly part of a previous version of the 184, which formed a loop around the same villages with the 183 service.

Full Time Score:

184 [Huddersfield] 3 – 3 350 [Ashton-under-Lyne]

Between the two bus routes, our clash between the 184 and 350 services was always going to be an exciting one. Strategically positioned sheep and llamas blunted the 350’s forward line.

S.V., 28 June 2018.

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