Game 5, Group H (Walton): 415 v. 409 

For our forty-seventh fixture, we look at two very different routes which pass or terminate in Oldham town centre.

The ‘scenic’ way to Middleton

From Oldham you can get to Middleton via Chadderton Hall Park, Chadderton town centre, or Foxdenton Park. The 415 route via Foxdenton Park is one of the most scenic ways to Middleton offering a real contrast between the rural, residential and industrial. If you like your railway bridges low and a soupçon of Manchester Corporation overspill estate, the 415 is the bus for you.

The slightly less scenic way to Rochdale

Whereas the 415 is only a short route, the 409 has oodles for potential for leisure and work based travel. Not only does it serve three major town centres and some smaller ones, it is a short walk from the Tandle Hill Country Park. As we have said before on East of the M60 it offers superb views of East Lancashire – including Rochdale – and Manchester. It has also inspired a song by The Chameleons entitled View From A Hill.

Full Time Score:

415 [Middleton] 0 – 2 409 [Manchester]

The 409 isn’t the most amusing or interesting bus route by a country mile but it doesn’t half stop at the right places. So does the 415, but our Video Assisted Referee on Frederick Road thought their opening goal was offside.

S.V., 28 June 2018.

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