BusesFrom several years experience of using public transport, I have come across the most sublime and the ridiculous bus termini throughout the UK.

My favourite bus stations are in Huddersfield, Hyde, Leeds, Middleton (the new one near the Arches shopping centre), Chorley and Bury Interchange. Though the latter is rather mediocre, Bury Interchange holds a special place being the point of interchange between the late lamented 400 Trans-Lancs Express service and the East Lancashire Railway.

Huddersfield is one of my favourite bus stations owned by Metro West Yorkshire PTE, using a single terminal layout, due to the complex being well lit and ventilated. My other reason for favouring this terminus is real time information. Though common in West Yorkshire bus stations, Greater Manchester is light years behind (other than the odd installation on Quality Bus Corridors).

Sadly, the purpose of this post is not for praising the best bus stations. This concentrates on the hell holes, the vandalised and forgotten. My candidates for Bus Stations from Hell include:

  • Radcliffe (pre-2003 design);
  • Great Yarmouth (underneath the Market Gates Shopping Centre; dimly lit and user unfriendly);
  • Nelson (under the Arndale Centre car park);
  • Manchester, Chorlton Street Bus Station (Mark III, pre-2002 refurbishment; as above, under a car park);
  • Lancaster (PFI project; concourse too small for intense usage though operational sound);
  • Hednesford (ageing shelters and vandalism; lost potential; wrong side of the railway station);
  • Boston (too far from the town centre, featureless).

Here are the not so magnificent seven bus stations. I would be happy to hear your comments or further additions to this hall of shame.

Nelson bus station

S.V., 16 August 2006.

3 thoughts on “Bus Stations from Hell

  1. A big ‘here here’ for the abomination that is Nelson bus station. I’ve spent many a miserable hour here. It should be destroyed.


  2. Nelson bus station unanimously qualifies for my #1 Bus Station from Hell. Though operationally sound, Nelson’s concreted edifice to public transport is guilty of these crimes against bus station design. Firstly, it is under a car park and uses four platforms with 15 individual shelters (the terminal layout as seen at Burnley, Chorley and Huddersfield is more suitable). Secondly, lighting (or lack of). Thirdly, missed opportunity; though close to the Colne – Preston line, Nelson bus station should have been developed as a bus/rail interchange – without a multi storey car park underneath. Fourthly, pitiful information. The travel information office is not open long enough and the lack of any real time announcements. All these crimes deter persons from leaving their cars at home.



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