East of the M60: The official blog of Stuart Vallantine

Hello all, and welcome to this fragment of cyberspace, a.k.a the Stuart Vallantine blogging experience.  Within this site you will see comments on a variety of subjects from the man himself.  Subjects will range from SPLD to the madness in my area (a.k.a local issues affecting Tameside). Be prepared to see the odd geeky reference to Greater Manchester Transport, Supertramp albums and Commodore 64 games.  This is a warning as well as a unique selling point.

Remember to be on your best behaviour and enjoy yourselves (“it’s later than you think…” – Prince Buster).

S.V., 15 August 2006.


3 thoughts on “East of the M60: The official blog of Stuart Vallantine

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  1. Hi Stuart Phlippa and Louis here. Well done on this blog which has been long awaited by your appreciative public. You are wonderful, your look at life is unique in my experience. You have a marvellous talent for picking on the sublime and ridiculous -especially in your favourite theme of transport. The world needs more poets like you who ‘tell is like it is’. Sorry i can’t comment on the bus stations in your area..nor my own for that matter as i drive a car. However all bus stations i pass in these parts look particularly boring to me..but i may be wrong. If i find a good one I’ll let you know. Best wishes keep up the good work…Hey we went to Autscape..it was brill. Phlippa and Louis


  2. Hi Stu,

    Your blog is long overdue! 🙂

    I already know how much I will enjoy reading it. I also know I will thoroughly enjoy the memories of my childhood being evoked as you write about stuff from “our neck of the woods” whilst out and about, on your travels, “East of the M60”. I wish you the best of luck with it Stu. Keep tapping on your keyboard!! Will be back for sure!


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