The UK’s biggest selling single of 1985 – in brass band form

  • Piece: The Power of Love
  • Composer: Gunther Mende/Jennifer Rush/Candy DeRouge/Mary Susan Applegate
  • Arranger: Barrie Gott.

Jennifer Rush’s The Power of Love was, is, and will remain for the foreseeable future, her best known chart single. Well after this fellow has left his mortal coil. It was a UK Number One Single for five weeks and an international smash. To the untrained chart music enthusiast, she is seen as a One Hit Wonder, yet her previous UK single Ring Of Ice peaked at Number 14.

The song’s operatic/power ballad leanings lends itself to transcription for brass band music. Whether as part of a whole band setting or a solo piece. On Brisbane Excelsior Brass’ CD The Power of Love, it is a solid arrangement thanks to Barrie Gott’s transcription. Specially recorded for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, we also get to hear Russell Gray’s handiwork.

Tomorrow’s piece will be a solo outing for a George Michael song, performed as a flugelhorn solo by a Southern English brass band.

Behind the door

We couldn’t find anything to do with love in the classic sense, thanks to lockdown. The idea of buying a tube of Love Hearts didn’t cross my mind. In the end, we found a bottle of Love Hearts Hand Sanitiser. Which is ideal for good, clean blogging fun of a brass banding variety.

S.V., 14 December 2020.

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