Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 25. Phoenix

One of Peter Graham’s finest works – and the inspiration behind Boarshurst Silver Band’s latest CD Piece: Phoenix; Composer and Arranger: Peter Graham. If you reading this entry, it is clear that you have clapped loud enough to justify the means for an encore. We hope you are having a fantastic Christmas Day and hope…

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 26. Toccata in D Minor

SECOND ENCORE: J.S. Bach’s seminal organ tune, in brass band form For the final door on this year’s East of the M60 Advent Calendar, we have decided to give you a right corker of a piece. Originally written for organ, this tune by Johann Sebastian Bach is one of his best known works.

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 14. Poet and Peasant Overture

A concert classic… make no mistake Francesco Ezechiele Ermenegildo Cavaliere di Suppé-Demelli doesn’t quite trip off the tongue as well as George Allan or Philip Sparke. So much so the prolific Dalmatian composer changed it to Franz von Suppé. Born on the 18 April 1819, he composed around 180 farces, ballets, other stage works, and…

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 12. Fire in the Blood

One of Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s best known pieces For today’s Advent Calendar window, we move from one Salvationist to another one. Yes, Delph’s very own Paul Lovatt-Cooper. If you are familiar with East of the M60’s previous concert reviews, PLC’s works are often bombastic and played near the end of either half.

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 8 Theme from Back to the Future

Crank up the Delorean to 88mph, Marty McFly’s got a euphonium now… Almost 33 years ago, Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future hit British cinema screens. It turned out to be a major success making Deloreans cool cars, and a certain Mr M. J. Fox did well out of it.

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 6. The Paragon

A classic solo performance by James Shepherd In the world of great literature, the collected works of Billy Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Thomas Hardy are referred to as ‘classics’. They form part of many a school’s syllabus. In the world of brass banding, there are several pieces that warrant Classic Status. Also several soloists. 

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 3. Festive Overture

Festive, but not that festive, and a great Black Dyke performance Back in the early 1970s, Queen’s early LPs and singles invited its listeners to pump up the volume with a simple “Play Loud” instruction. There are several brass band pieces which could fall into that category. Take Black Dyke Band’s performance of Festive Overture…

A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 2. Prismatic Light

Alan Fernie’s popular concert opener At the start of many brass band concerts, there is nothing better than a bombastic concert opener. Some brass bands prefer to open with a march, others might choose a bombastic overture in miniature. Alan Fernie’s Prismatic Light is a tour de force in the latter category.