Whitstable Wanderings: A Now You Know What I Did This Summer Special

Four electric trains, three Underground trains, two trams, and two buses. Oh, and Two Creatives Go Mad in The Garden of England.

In less than a year, I have broken a few travel related ducks in my time. Last September I took my first return flight on my own (from Manchester Airport to Belfast City Airport). In the last week, I have travelled on the London Underground on my own – for the first time ever and loved it. I have tripled the number of London mainline stations on my list (my first one was Waterloo back in 1987). I even did the full length of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch line.

After our latest Now You Know What I Did This Summer article (Weston-super-Mare), yours truly had designs on making A Serious Train Journey. In other words, anywhere further than Blackpool or Leeds. The Caledonian Sleeper or the Trans-Siberian Railway would have fitted the bill.

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In Defence of the Present Sunday Trading Hours

Why six hours on the Sabbath Day is enough

Outside the mall
intu Trafford Centre, a present-day place of worship for many shoppers. Image by Mijaeus (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved)

Since November 1994, against the will of Keep Sunday Special, Sunday trading as we know today began in England and Wales. In Northern Ireland it is only five hours instead of six. Today, a vote to extend Sunday Trading hours was defeated 317 to 286 in the House of Commons. 27 Conservative MPs voted against George Osborne’s plan, which was backed by Sajid Javid MP. The plans were opposed by Labour Party and Scottish National Party MPs. Continue reading “In Defence of the Present Sunday Trading Hours”