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Book Review: British Football’s Greatest Grounds

Not only a coffee table book for groundhoppers; a must for any football fan

  • Title: British Football’s Greatest Grounds: One Hundred Must-See Football Venues;
  • Author: Mike Bayly;
  • Photography: various contributors including David Bauckman, Paul Paxford, Colin McPherson, Andy Nunn, Stuart Tree, Ben Webster,
  • Publisher: Pitch Publishing Limited (2020);
  • Recommended Selling Price: £30.00 (hardback).

At this moment in time, you may be missing your football fix if you often go out to see your favourite team. Due to the lockdown, only Elite League football teams (National Leagues North and South upwards) can continue their season. In what is now known as The Trident Leagues (Northern Premier, Southern and Isthmian leagues), league football has been suspended till further notice. Likewise with its regional feeder leagues.

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Exact Fare Policy Raises More Than £122k for NHS Charities Together

Stagecoach passengers thanked for supporting major donation to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal

  • Over £122,000 raised by Stagecoach passengers for NHS charity with £19,271.72 raised by Stagecoach Greater Manchester passengers;
  • Passengers thanked for their support in the exact fare scheme, though passengers still encouraged to use contactless payment wherever possible.

The Stagecoach Group has thanked its customers across the UK for helping to raise more than £122,000 for the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal. As part of this total amount, Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s contribution was £19,271.72.

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Rishi’s Meal Deal: Let Them Eat Luncheon Vouchers

Midweek meal ticket plan offers no real deal for families hit by Coronavirus

In the last two days since Chancellor Rishi Sunak made his Summer Statement, I was reminded of two things. The first was a children’s television programme which inspired two stunning C64 games. The second one was a more contemporary reference: a radio advert for with references to cheap carbonara. In the advert, there is some confusion over cheap car insurance deals or cheap pasta meals.

I shall focus on the latter reference as few people under the age of 30 would have heard of Junior Kickstart. (Unless they have Half Man Half Biscuit’s This Leaden Pall LP where it is mentioned on the final track, Footprints). Kickstart (as in Sunak’s future employment programme) may be dealt with in a separate East of the M60 post.

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Bus Route Numbers: Is 3, X3, 3A or 3x The Magic Number?

For East of the M60‘s 2000th article, we look at the art of bus route numbering

If you live in Oldham, you may be wondering why the 409 used to be the 9. You may be asking yourself why some operators use suffixes and prefixes in addition to numbers. Why, might you ask, do several express routes begin with X? This little post may answer some of your questions.

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Britain’s Average Commute: 98 Minutes

Cost of commuting tops passengers’ complaints

Manchester Piccadilly railway station from the footbridge.jpg
Manchester Piccadilly railway station from the footbridge” by Richard Kelly from Manchester, EnglandFlickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

In a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of transport app developers Moovit, the average Briton spends 98 minutes a day travelling to and from work (or 49 minutes each way). Of great concern to those surveyed was the price of public transport fares and antisocial behaviour. Continue reading “Britain’s Average Commute: 98 Minutes”

Forgotten Quiz Shows of the 20th Century: The Not So Perfect Ten

Appropriately, OUR starter for ten…

How on earth did I get into this quizzing lark? Over the last year, the creator of East of the M60 has been a key member of The Wheatsheaf’s quiz team. We finished runners-up in the Handicap Final to the Old Pack Horse “A” team and won the Second Section Title. Continue reading “Forgotten Quiz Shows of the 20th Century: The Not So Perfect Ten”

The North North of the Border: A New South Scotland?

A pipe dream or a possibility?

Over the last week, most of the UK’s populace was agog at David Cameron clinching another term of office. That as part of a majority Conservative government, Britain’s first since April 1992. As well as apathy and the most partisan press campaign since Michael Foot was Labour leader, nationalism played a major part. The UKIP vote ate into Labour’s share as well as the Conservatives’ votes. Continue reading “The North North of the Border: A New South Scotland?”

Lost Treasures and Torments of Christmas Schedules Past: The Not So Perfect Ten

The TV schedules of Christmases Past

East of the M60 has delivered you, the reader, a lovely Christmas bonus Not So Perfect Ten. There’s every chance you may be bored stiff from the present offerings on ITV, the BBC and numerous other cable and satellite channels. You’ve exhausted the DVDs, Netflix and Blinkbox. A part of you may be yearning for the days of three or four channels and Christmas specials commanding 20 million or more viewers. Continue reading “Lost Treasures and Torments of Christmas Schedules Past: The Not So Perfect Ten”

The Joy of 600s: A Not So Perfect Ten Special

East of the M60’s 600th post

Where did the time go? Did I used to have a life before I began blogging? To be honest I still do (how on earth do I manage to write the other 599 posts).

Right, that’s enough of the histrionics, time to go back on track…

*                            *                            *

For our 600th post, East of the M60 has devoted this to the 600 bus route. Or rather, Wigan’s 600 route and a cast of nine others. Our 600 routes are as follows:

  1. Halifax – Ovenden Way – Nursery Lane (Halifax Bus Company);
  2. Wigan – Ashton-in-Makerfield – Golborne – Leigh (Stagecoach Wigan);
  3. Erdington and Brookvale Circular (Blue Diamond);
  4. Carlisle – Wigton – Cockermouth (Stagecoach in Cumbria);
  5. Thornhill Park and Ride – Churchill Hospital (Thames Travel);
  6. Two Waters [Bus Garage] – Chaulden (Arriva Shires and Essex);
  7. Hatfield Business Park – Hatfield Railway Station (Uno);
  8. Belfast, Europa Buscentre – George Best Belfast City Airport (Translink);
  9. Bathgate – Blackburn – Whitburn Circular (Passenger Travel);
  10. Cardigan – Quay West (Cymbdeithas Cludiant Gwledig Presli Rural Transport Association).

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