Fares Unfair #2: Does the Taxi Work Out Cheaper than Bus Fares?

Is the taxi really more expensive than bus fares in the Tameside area?

One of the great joys about living in the Tameside area is its proximity to the centre of Manchester and how each of the nine towns are close to each other. It is possible to walk to the next town from another within one hour if you are quite healthy. Its canals and arterial roads offer potential for cyclists to travel cheaply. The density of the borough also allows for good bus territory. Continue reading “Fares Unfair #2: Does the Taxi Work Out Cheaper than Bus Fares?”

By Multicoloured Cab to the Seaside…

Remembering the taxi drivers’ outings to Southport

For several years, a popular fixture of most taxi drivers’ calendars was a trip to the seaside. Instead of being a typical seaside jolly, there would be no cases piled in the boot. Nor would its passengers be couples or families hoping to make rail, air or coach connections. Instead its passengers would be underprivileged or disabled children living locally. They may have been ferried to and from schools by the same drivers. Continue reading “By Multicoloured Cab to the Seaside…”