Run to the Hills 2021: A Go Cheapway Update

Hillside views a bus, train or tram ride, or quick walk away

Since our original 2014 article, we have decided to create an updated version. In the last seven years, bus routes and operators have come and gone, and your author’s knowledge of the hills has improved since then.

Was it really seven years since we first wrote this piece? Back then, we had some great weather. Seven years on, the last month has seen some fantastic weather for picnicking or admiring rural views. Since the first COVID-19 lockdown, many people have taken to the hills instead of the shopping centres.

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Wharmton Hill View, EM60

New Ski Resort Set to Bolster Tameside Tourism

EXCLUSIVE: Multi-Million Private Sector capital scheme to transform Mossley and Saddleworth

The pandemic has been disastrous for our hospitality industry. Pubs have been closed for over a year with some facing depubification. With Brexit in full swing and many countries off limits to Britons thanks to COVID-19, the British tourism industry have changed the definition of Stay At Home. Instead of taking that holiday in Portugal, Spain or Turkey, they have chosen to Big-Up Britain.

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Reddish Vale Country Park

Bored This Summer? How About Some Geocaching Fun by Bus?

Stagecoach Manchester launches a city wide treasure hunt

Treasure hunting has gone a long way from paper clues and finding given objects on a sketch map. Even the technology used in the Treasure Hunt game show (1983 – 89) looks joyously archaic: clunky radios have given way to cellular communications. Had Chatsworth Television’s series been revived in the 2010s, today’s sky runner would only need a smartphone.

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Enviro400, First Greater Manchester SN12 AHE, Piccadilly Gardens

Seven Different Ways of Rediscovering Greater Manchester By Bus

East of the M60’s look at seven unusual ways of rediscovering Greater Manchester – by bus

A bus is for life, not just for schoolchildren. It is, like it or not, Greater Manchester’s most popular form of public transport. With Andy Burnham on the verge of re-regulating all of Greater Manchester’s bus routes, there is talk of a post-franchising revival.

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Could You Spend a Week in Oldham?

Does Oldham and surrounding area have enough attractions for a week’s holiday?

This week, Northwest Tonight and its predecessor Look North West have celebrated its fiftieth birthday. Via social media channels, the BBC Archive has scoured the library for weird and wonderful regional clips.

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Moovit’s Big Bang Update

Moovit 5.0 sees radical change in design

Two REAL trains
Improved Features: though the latest changes wouldn’t offer you any insurance against Pacer units on the Rose Hill Marple service, there are marked improvements to the apps aesthetics and heuristics. Image by Mikey, 2012 (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

Moovit 5.0 has been given a complete redesign. Its recent developments have been based on fully understanding its users and their needs. These have been from primary research and user input over the four years since the app’s existence. The new version restructures the incredible amount of data transport available so that users get the information they need at a glance.

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App Update Details Station Closures and Engineering Works

Moovit 4.13 for Android enables users to record temporary station closures and track maintenance issues

Automatic doors sticking at Scarborough station? The latest update for Moovit enables you to report problems affecting your train journey. Not only signal failures, but also malfunctioning lifts and escalators. Image by Matt Buck (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

When Allen, Brady, and Marsh prepared their advertising pitch for the British Rail contract in 1976, the newly-appointed BR chief, Peter Parker, was ushered into a scruffy reception area. There were cigarette dimps, used coffee cups and a table with tea, coffee and beer stains. This gave the chief a look at Britons’ popular perceptions of waiting rooms in British Rail stations. Continue reading “App Update Details Station Closures and Engineering Works”

Brexit Fails to Curb Brits’ Enthusiasm for International Travel

Survey Reveals Britons’ Spirit of Adventure

  • 43.2% wish to travel internationally this summer;
  • 20.3% are planning a staycation;
  • 65% of participants cited affordability as the key factor when choosing a holiday;
  • 80% of Britons abroad opt to live live a local and use public transport in their host country.

How I Spent My Staycation: one in five UK holidaymakers wish to holiday in Britain. Seen leaving Scarborough is 185117, bound for Liverpool Lime Street via Stalybridge and Manchester Piccadilly. Image by Matt Buck (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

In spite of Brexit fever, our love of holidays abroad hasn’t been sullied (least for now) thanks to a survey by users of the Moovit app. The survey questioned 3,000 users about choosing an overseas holiday or a staycation. Also their preferred modes of transport, public or private. Continue reading “Brexit Fails to Curb Brits’ Enthusiasm for International Travel”

Run to the Hills: A Go Cheapway… Special

Hillside views east of the M60 motorway, a bus, train or tram ride, or quick walk away

Buckton Castle, Carrbrook
I know I’ve used this picture of Buckton Castle (seen from Harridge Pike) before, but it’s a lovely view which I have photographed with my Holga toy camera. Oh, and it also best illustrates the content of this piece.

Oh, the weather we have enjoyed in the last month has been nothing short of incredible. A fantastic month for picnicking, hosting a barbecue, or admiring rural views. In other words, a great time to explore our rural surroundings, and take some time out from the office, school, house or shopping centre.

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Hollingworth Lake Named Top Place To Date

Love is… only 20 minutes away from Rochdale Interchange

Hollingworth Lake
A view of Hollingworth Lake from the nature reserve – officially preferable to cocktails on a white sandy beach or swimming with dolphins. (Photo by Tim Green, Creative Commons Attribution License)

Hollingworth Lake near Rochdale has been identified as one of the best places to go on a date in the UK.  Forming part of the Great Date Guide, a new collection of top dating locations and activities created by relationship website eHarmony, the two-and-a-half mile walk around the lake is listed as “the perfect way to find out about more about one another.”

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