Bad Robots: Redefining Candid Camera for the 21st Century

E4’s dystopian answer to Allen Funt’s programme

  • Featuring: Sir Michael Gambon (voiceover);
  • Episodes: 6 x 24 minute episodes;
  • Time: 2100 hours, Tuesdays (repeated on Sundays, 2330 hours);
  • Channels: E4 and E4+1;
  • Producer: Objective Productions for Channel Four Corporation.

The Luddites had a point. Not only for the amount of job losses caused by automation but also for the controlling nature in the pursuit of profit. William Morris, pioneer of the Arts and Crafts Movement bemoaned the rise of machines and how they undermined craftsmanship. J.G. Ballard recognised how modern life would lead to a dystopian vision of the future. Continue reading “Bad Robots: Redefining Candid Camera for the 21st Century”

Local Television: A Way Forward For Greater Manchester?

Could Local TV Bridge The Gaps Left From A Single ITV?

Sharp Aquos LC-46LE620UT 46-inch LED LCD Television
The Start of a New Broadcasting Revolution or a White Elephant? Could Local TV be a worthwhile alternative to BBC, ITV or Sky? Photograph by DavidD (Creative Commons Attribution License)

Prior to 2002, we had an independent yet regional alternative to the BBC. In our area, it was known as Granada Television, or in Carlisle and Gretna, Border Television. On the other side of the Pennines, Yorkshire Television or Tyne Tees Television. All of which were among other regional broadcasters which made up ITV. Each regional franchise had a distinct identity, and one of the great joys of holidaying in the UK was changing channels to find different news bulletins, regional adverts and differing idents. Continue reading “Local Television: A Way Forward For Greater Manchester?”