Hidden Gems of Channel Five: 100%

They do exist! Such as this long forgotten quiz show

Channel 5. Or Five, or just the number five, was Britain’s last nationwide terrestrial channel to have started out on the 625-line PAL format. Launched on the 30 March 1997 with The Spice Girls and that oh-so-1990s phrase “gimme five”, it has established itself as the nation’s fifth channel. (Unless you’re Rupert Murdoch or Kelvin MacKenzie and think Sky One is more deserving of that tag).

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Oldham Wakes Uncovered

‘Disappearing Britain’, 20/11/2006, 2100 hours, C5

For the purpose of this post, the title has nothing to do with a lost version of Sky One/LWT’s Ibiza Uncovered type programmes.

For the first time on a national television station, the joys of the Oldham Wakes were revealed on Channel Five’s ‘Disappearing Britain’.

The programme, a three part series, explores parts of Britain that have gone the way of the dinosaurs and Quatro, such as Oldham being a cotton town and the mining industry.  In the first programme, shown yesterday, Sarah Lancashire rekindled her memories of Oldham, with some background on her family and vox pop interviews with fellow Oldhamers. 

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