Stalybridge Artisan Market, 16 November 2019

Christmas Spirit Sees Stalybridge Civic Hall at its Best

Two go mad and sell cards and books at a packed artisan market in Victoria Market Hall, Stalybridge

“…But London is out of comparison quite with Stalybridge Market on a Saturday night…”

Stalybridge Market, The Fivepenny Piece (1973).

Much of the disappointment of some readers or visitors, there were no cockles and mussels for sale. Nor black pudding sausages, cowheels and tripe. There was vegan-friendly bath bombs and hand-crafted pens that you couldn’t get in 1973, let alone 1873. There was probably a good fish stall in 1973 – maybe the same one that yours truly remembers in his formative years in the 1980s.

Twenty years ago today, Stalybridge was in a period of transition. Work had yet to begin on the Armentieres Square section of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. CTP James, the landowners of the former Aerialite/Delta Crompton works at the time, had yet to begin demolishing the site for TESCO. Stalybridge Market, we would later find, was weeks away from closing after attempts to find a third party operator failed.

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Stalybridge Whit Walks 2019, Trinity Street

One Answer to the Million Pound Question: the Stalybridge Heritage Walk

A possible approach to the Stalybridge Heritage Walk

In our previous article entitled The Million Pound Question: Stalybridge’s Historical Quarter, we looked at the story behind Tameside MBC’s successful bid. We also looked at how the heritage walk should form part of a greater scheme. In other words, how the Heritage Walk should be accompanied by prospective private and public sector development.

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Stalybridge Civic Hall, 2015

The Million Pound Question: Stalybridge’s Historical Quarter

Could the town’s rich history be a panacea for economic growth?

Stalybridge has a proud history. In spite of losing its town hall and the conversion of its market hall to a civic hall, there is still a lot to like about the Cheshire town. Especially Cheetham’s Park and the town centre’s equivalent of The Three Graces (Holy Trinity Church, Stalybridge Civic Hall, and the Astley Cheetham Art Gallery and Library).

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In Praise of Stalybridge’s Handmade Market

Why East of the M60 says the town’s Handmade Market is something to treasure

View of Handmade Market (black and white)
Popular: MWL Events’ Stalybridge Handmade Market.

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Civic Hall Conversion Kyboshed

Joy as Stalybridge Civic Hall office conversion is scrapped

By the start of 2015, the TAC building on Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, will be vacated in preparation for demolition. To accommodate employees, otherwise seen in the centre of Ashton, a number of staff would be moved to other buildings in the borough. One of them being Stalybridge Civic Hall. Continue reading “Civic Hall Conversion Kyboshed”

The Town That Time Forgot?

A gloriously opportunistic article on Stalybridge’s estranged relationship with clocks

Full marks to the people of Stalybridge for striking out against the town’s malfunctioning clock. As the clip from BBC Northwest Tonight shows, Stalybridge is in the midst of two timezones. One which is either 1055 or 2255, or 0155 or 1355. Therefore it gives the impression that one part of Stalybridge has left their digibox on pause at the fag end of Homes Under The Hammer, or is ten minutes through Doctors and have put the kettle on. Continue reading “The Town That Time Forgot?”