The Lord Tom Pendry Stand, Bower Fold.

An Absolute Beginners Guide to Watching Non-League Football

Or: How I Ditched Premier League Football and Saved Thousands of Pounds a Season

Association Football is England’s National Sport. It brings billions to our economies, whether at the turnstile, public house or towards our broadcasters. The top clubs pay eye watering salaries to their players, and the fans pay equally eye watering amounts for the privilege of seeing City, United, Liverpool or the like. Historically, it has sold newspapers, satellite dishes and broadband packages.

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Manchester Arena by Matthew Hartley, 2012

Is Manchester Ready for Two Indoor Arenas?

East of the M60 asks, “Is Town not big enough for both of them?”

Manchester’s credentials as a musical centre of the universe is unimpeachable, though it is a claim that could be disputed by our friends in Liverpool. For many listeners, Liverpool is associated with The Beatles, the muse for Burnage’s finest musical export. Greater Manchester could also claim The Hallé Orchestra as well as Oasis, New Order and Stalybridge Old Band (the oldest brass band in the world, no less).

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Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, March 2020: The Ashton Review of Shops

This month’s window on the shop windows

  • Denton Wellness Centre opens;
  • Historic pub under threat in Godley;
  • Plus all the usual retail movements from the Top Dog to the Joshua Bradley.

Welcome to the third Ashton Review of Shops for 2020, the last of the 2019 – 2020 financial year. This month’s bulletin sees our public buildings and public houses taking centre stage.

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Jimmy Langland Photo

40 Years a Red: Lifelong United Fan Crowned Super Supporter

Why Jimmy Langland was crowned Greater Manchester’s Super Supporter in a recent competition

If you watched Manchester United’s last minute display against Paris St Germain on Wednesday, you might still be buzzing from Marcus Rashford’s penalty. There’s every chance this gentleman might have taken a modest journey across the English Channel for this spectacle.

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Stalybridge Celtic: Your Local Club Needs You

Why Stalybridge Celtic Football Club, more than ever, needs your support

Spectators: The More The Merrier: Stalybridge Celtic Football Club desperately need some more bums on seats and feet on terraces several times over. Image by Matthew Wilkinson, 2011 (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved).

On the 22 April 2017, Stalybridge Celtic Football Club were relegated from the National League North Division of the National League. Their fall from the sixth tier of English football to the seventh tier came as no surprise to many fans. The ‘Bridge had had struggled in the lower reaches of National League North in the five years prior to their relegation. Away wins were rarer than UK Number One singles by an artiste other than Drake or Ed Sheeran. Continue reading “Stalybridge Celtic: Your Local Club Needs You”

Why My Heart Lies in Non League Football

Why there’s more to the beautiful game than telephone number sized transfer deals

Football. Britain’s national game. One of many things we brought to the world, yet fell hopelessly behind as other countries improved. See also the railways: once the most advanced in the world, though now behind its peers in France and Germany.

The railways are still popular today, and rising in popularity despite being overpriced for the masses. Yes, it sounds a bit like the cost of watching Barclays Premier League football. Without the railways, there would have been no Football League, fewer theatres and tourist attractions, and certainly no away days. How did Stalybridge Celtic fulfil their Southern League fixtures before the First World War? By train. How else would a smattering of ‘Bridge fans get to Rushall for an early afternoon? By road these days. The nearest station is at Walsall. Continue reading “Why My Heart Lies in Non League Football”

Stalybridge Celtic’s 2020 Vision

A new social club at Bower Fold or a new home for the ‘Bridge?

Another Point of View, Stalybridge Celtic AFC

On Thursday (23 February), over a hundred people went to hear about Stalybridge Celtic’s vision for 2020 and beyond. In the packed social club at Bower Fold, Celtic chairman Rob Gorski outlined plans for the club’s future development. With some people having to stand up, the after effects of Storm Doris didn’t affect last night’s turnout. Continue reading “Stalybridge Celtic’s 2020 Vision”

Moovit Heads to the Euros

Moovit collaborates with UEFA’s Fan Guide App

Stade de France
City to City: Moovit aims to make the going easy from Marseilles to Paris in the European Championships Finals. Photograph of Stade de France taken by Philippe Agnifili, 2011 (Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved – Share Alike-No Derivatives).

With the exception of Scotland, all of Great Britain’s home nations will be competing in the Euros 2016 finals. It’s an historical occasion as Wales are in the Finals stage of an international competition after a 58-year gap. That was the 1958 World Cup Finals in Sweden, where a little known footballer made a great impact. (Well, that little known footballer turned out to be Pelé).
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Moovit’s Successful Olympic Bid

Moovit declared the official public transport app of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro: host city of the
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: host city of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, starting on the 05 August this year. With concerns over pollution in the city, public transport will play a main part in unblocking the city’s streets and clearing the air. Moovit’s arrival has led to its adoption by City Hall of Rio.

Technology will be one of the main allies for Rio de Janeiro residents and tourists who will share the city during August’s 2016 Summer Games. As part of the Olympics Mobility Plan announced by the City Hall of Rio, Moovit is delighted to announce it has been accredited as the official public transport app during the Games. This means it will be working with the city to indicate all the different transport services available during the period. These include scheduled bus services, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit systems), VRT (Versatile Rapid Transit), minivans, trains, metro stations, cable cars and barges that connect the city. Continue reading “Moovit’s Successful Olympic Bid”

Cuts Scene Investigation Special: Tameside’s £20m Swimming Strategy

Changes to borough’s swimming provision sees loss of Dukinfield pool but new site for Denton

  • Active Dukinfield to become Dukinfield Sports Village with gym and fitness centre;
  • Active Ashton site to be retained in short term, pending new facility;
  • New Wellness Centre for Denton on site of Oldham’s Batteries works;
  • Swimming lanes to be added to Tameside Leisure Pool.

After 50 years, the William Andrew Swimming Baths – presently known as Active Dukinfield – will no longer have a swimming pool. Instead, the facility will become part of Dukinfield Sports Village, as a high volume gymnasium and fitness centre. There will also be a café on the premises and a soft play facility.
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