Cuts Scene Investigation: Your Right to Free Assembly

Dissecting the Trade Union Bill 2015 – 16

Trade Unions: what have they done for us? Over the last century, quite a lot. Without which, everybody would be working weekends. Discrimination in the workplace would be endemic. Paid holidays would be non-existent. People with disabilities would be deprived of suitable adjustments. Health and Safety, that would be non-existent. Continue reading “Cuts Scene Investigation: Your Right to Free Assembly”

Less Stick More Carrot: An Alternative Unemployment Strategy

As if anybody would listen… or at least read the rest of this article

A few home truths: nobody can live a life a luxury on Jobseekers’ Allowance, or on any other Social Security benefit; secondly, more money is spent by the Department of Work and Pensions on the State Pension than out-of-work benefits; thirdly, some out-of-work benefits and the State Pension is paid by our good selves through National Insurance contributions. Continue reading “Less Stick More Carrot: An Alternative Unemployment Strategy”

The 2013 Autumn Statement: No Time To Be 21

East of the M60’s verdict on this year’s autumn statement

The start of this week saw George Osborne stating that the Welfare State as we know it today is ‘unaffordable’. Contrary to his statement in The Daily Telegraph, the cheque book is well and truly open for the Corporate Welfare State. This was proven today as non-renewable energy companies were given tax breaks, along with a further £1billion worth of public sector cuts per annum. Continue reading “The 2013 Autumn Statement: No Time To Be 21”

Universal Credit: An Absolute Beginners’ Guide

Everything you need to know about the Department for Work and Pensions’ new benefit in Plain English

For several years, some sections of the general public have yearned for a more simplistic social security system. Some may argue that claiming three or more different social security benefits is a bit confusing. At one time, claiming Child Benefit meant queuing in a Post Office to claim their money. Unemployed citizens would at one time queue at a separate DHSS Office and visit their local Job Centre to seek employment. They would go to the former to claim their Unemployment Benefit (cash-in-hand from behind a glass or mesh screened counter). Continue reading “Universal Credit: An Absolute Beginners’ Guide”