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Holland’s Potato and Meat Family Pie: A Feast of the M60 Pie Review

Feast of the M60 weighs up Holland’s latest addition

With the pandemic still doing its worst, you could be forgiven for thinking “hey, Feast of the M60 could be doing Banana Bread reviews.” Or that East of the M60 will be doing a three-page review on hand sanitisers with an equivalent of the Zzap! 64 Gold Medal going to Cussons’ Love Hearts hand sanitiser.

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Former Burton Shop, Old Square

Tameside’s Autism Hour, 05 – 12 October 2019: Ashton Review of Shops Extra

Which Tameside shops are taking part in the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour?

If you have an autism spectrum condition, a trip to the shops can be a daunting prospect. One issue could be the bright lights, another could be the background noise. In a supermarket, even the sheer variety of items can be overloading.

As for the queues and the crowds, say no more… This eejit in his formative years used to squeal his way through department stores. Shoppers thought I was being mistreated when it was the bustle of John Moores’ most famous retail concern that drove me nuts. The background noise in Ashton’s Pound Bakery is enough to put me off from being a regular customer (the one in Hyde isn’t as bad for that).

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20 June 1986: A Superstore is Born…

…on the ashes of a former cotton mill on Foundry Street

On the 20th June 1986, Dukinfield witnessed a sea change in its shopping habits, with the opening of a new Morrisons store on the site of Queen Mill. Prior to then, the norm for Duki residents meant a bus or taxi to Hyde, Stalybridge or Ashton-under-Lyne. All three centres had the popular Kwik Save stores on Reynard Street, Melbourne Street and Bow Street. Tameside’s only ASDA was on the 400/409/410 routes on Langham Street, off Oldham Road. The borough’s biggest store was Hyde’s Fine Fare, even after subdivision with Do-it-All taking one half of the hypermarket. Continue reading “20 June 1986: A Superstore is Born…”