Beat The Bus Syndrome: A DSM Criteria

What are the signs of Beat The Bus Syndrome?

Whether you take the 192 to work or the 216 to Town, you expect the bus to get you from A to B as trouble free as possible. Stopping every so often on a busy route is inevitable as several other passengers fancy going the same way. Loadings vary according to the time of day, which is why journeys are faster in less busy periods.

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Miniature Castle

Down Our Street Special: A Toll Story

Tameside’s forgotten toll road?

There are very few toll roads in Greater Manchester. One of them incurs a modest toll across the Manchester Ship Canal. This is the Warburton Bridge toll road, managed by The Peel Group.

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Chadderton Mill, off Fields New Road, Chadderton

A Vision of Post-War Chadderton, 1946 Style

Did you know that plans were made to shift Chadderton town centre to Broadway?

Answer me this question: where do you think the real centre of Chadderton is or was? Near Chadderton Hall Park? Foxdenton Hall and Gardens? Off Middleton Road? Broadway, even?

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Britain’s Average Commute: 98 Minutes

Cost of commuting tops passengers’ complaints

Manchester Piccadilly railway station from the footbridge.jpg
Manchester Piccadilly railway station from the footbridge” by Richard Kelly from Manchester, EnglandFlickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

In a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of transport app developers Moovit, the average Briton spends 98 minutes a day travelling to and from work (or 49 minutes each way). Of great concern to those surveyed was the price of public transport fares and antisocial behaviour. Continue reading “Britain’s Average Commute: 98 Minutes”

In Pictures: Manchester’s Second Sinkhole

Exclusive pictures of yesterday’s sinkhole near the Mancunian Way

Photography by Adham Fisher

Paddock Street, just off the Mancunian Way in Ardwick, in the Ardwick Green area of the suburb. (Photograph by Adham Fisher, 2015).

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UK Motorway Wonders: The Not So Perfect Ten

A selection of wondrous sights on or seen from British motorways

Let’s face it: a trip along any motorway can be boring at the best of times. Any sense of originality or quirkiness is eschewed in favour of the bland. The same sodium lights, speed gantries, and overpriced motorway services.

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Down Our Streets #3: The Streets of Dukinfield

From County Bridge to Johnson Brook

If you’re new to Dukinfield, you may have wondered how the town’s streets got their names. A fair number of the town’s streets are named after former councillors, landmarks and parts of Scotland. A lot of the town’s housing stock moved to hitherto rural parts between the 1950s and 1970s. For some residents, It is hard to believe how in the space of sixty years, the Dukinfield Central estate changed from terraced housing to prefabricated deck-access flats.

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Official: M25’s No Longer The Road To Hell

And it certainly isn’t the A666 either!

Regular drivers may be far from surprised as to where the UK’s real Road To Hell lies. The M6 between Cheshire and Staffordshire can be troublesome at times, and the M62 seems to have had road cones and a 50mph speed limit, between Ainley Top and the M1/M62 interchange since the start of this decade. The M25’s tropes are well publicised and form a metaphorical beltway between London and the rest of the United Kingdom. Continue reading “Official: M25’s No Longer The Road To Hell”

The Roads of John Metcalf: 1. Guide Bridge to Bredbury

A ‘Down Our Street’ Extended Edition

Before I begin this first ‘Down Our Street’ entry, in the original round-up of John Metcalf’s roads, I erroneously stated that his Bredbury to Ashton turnpike road went via King Street, Dukinfield. On further examination, I found it actually goes via Denton, ironically close to my present employer’s office. Continue reading “The Roads of John Metcalf: 1. Guide Bridge to Bredbury”

Oldham Road Diversions (2): Network Rail Electrification Works, Ashton-under-Lyne

Update on Oldham Road diversions

  • Further diversions on the 168, 169, 409 and 419 services;
  • 41 service retains pre-2011 route.

Easter Saturday (19 April) will see the second of three parts in the third phase of important engineering works for the Stalybridge – Ashton-under-Lyne – Manchester Victoria route. This time, Oldham Road between Wellington Road/Lord Sheldon Way and Boodle Street will be closed to traffic. Continue reading “Oldham Road Diversions (2): Network Rail Electrification Works, Ashton-under-Lyne”