Now on the ZX Spectrum: Bobby Carrot

Games Review: why the ZX Spectrum version of FDG Mobile’s smartphone game is worth a bash

  • Coder: Couvej;
  • Will run on: any ZX Spectrum with 48k or 128k of RAM (including +2s and +3s), emulators;
  • Available file formats: .tap and .tzx – 48k and 128k versions available to download;
  • Controls: Keyboard (Q, A, O, P, and Space), Cursor keys, Sinclair Joystick and Kempston Joystick interfaces.

At this time of the year, rabbits seem to be the flavour of the month. Easter is less than a month away and a certain rabbit themed film is taking box offices by storm. For lovers of 8-bit computers, spring is associated with 1982’s launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Continue reading “Now on the ZX Spectrum: Bobby Carrot”