Metrolink Network Record Broken

Metro Racer beats previous attempt – almost an hour faster

Flexity Swift M5000 3054b, Ashton West

Even with the joys of Cornbrook Junction and the usual slow departure from Ashton-under-Lyne tram station, today saw Adham Fisher break his previous Metrolink record. Continue reading “Metrolink Network Record Broken”

Guinness World Record Holder Set to Tour Expanded Metrolink Network

Airport line and Ashton extension adds dimension to Metro Racer’s challenge

Adham Fisher
Record Breaker: Adham Fisher seen with Guinness World Records certificate for completing the whole New York Metro system in less than a day. Photograph by James Hissett.

Adham Fisher likes to ride public transport to extremes. In fact, he has held a Guinness World Record for doing just that. As seen above, he went to every New York Subway station in 22 hours, 26 minutes and two seconds. Very few urban rail networks are granted Guinness Records, but even if they aren’t, Fisher likes to apply the rules and navigate them as quickly as possible anyway. Continue reading “Guinness World Record Holder Set to Tour Expanded Metrolink Network”

Tram-tastic Record Broken by International Metro Racer

69 station network completed in just over five hours

Droylsden bound tram, Piccadilly
From station to station back to Radcliffe and Bury, meet Danny Boyle and Gary Neville…

Adham Fisher who has attempted the Guinness World Record for visiting every station on the London Underground as quickly as possible (Tube Challenge) 15 times, similarly navigated the new 69-station configuration of the Metrolink in just five hours, six minutes and 17 seconds on Wednesday 29 May, which is believed to be the current fastest time. With the closure of Mosley Street on 18 May and the latest extension to East Didsbury opening on 23 May, Fisher wanted to launch an attempt as soon as possible because records are reset when a network gains or loses stations. Continue reading “Tram-tastic Record Broken by International Metro Racer”