The Joy of the Micro Pub: Top Beer

A look at the rising popularity of the micro pub

In George Orwell’s ideal pub, the Moon Under the Water, the author favoured a Victorian ambience. No pretence. Even the stale tobacco smoke, a sight that few people born after 1990 are able to remember in public houses. Lager had yet to make its presence known properly fifteen years after his article was published in the London Evening Standard.

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The Stalybridge Seven: a Trail of Pristine Pubs

East of the M60 celebrates the launch of Stalybridge Real Ale Trail 2016

Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar
Pub of Legends: Never leave this world till you call in the Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar. Ever.

The last week has seen the relaunch of the Stalybridge Real Ale Trail. With the opening of Bridge Beers early this year, there has been good reason for its return.
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Stalybridge Micro Pub’s Mega Impact

Bridge Beers’ opening weekend exceeds expectations

Bridge Beers interior shot, ground floor (2)
A view of the ground floor interior from the bar.

Bridge Beers, Stalybridge’s new addition to the town centre’s retail mix, opened its doors on Friday [26 February] to a packed house. The new micro pub on Melbourne Street as crowds flocked to the new establishment.
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Hair to Ale: Stalybridge’s Future Micro Pub

Unisex hairdressers set for conversion to Bridge Beers’ new public house

In an era where pubs tend to close in our borough (and, 9/10ths of the time, face depubification), one place is set to reverse that trend. Cream, a unisex hair salon on 55, Melbourne Street, Stalybridge could become the town’s first micro pub. Continue reading “Hair to Ale: Stalybridge’s Future Micro Pub”

Indie Brewers Aim to Make Next Month ‘Tryanuary’

Smaller breweries’ counteraction to Dry January

A number of UK independent breweries and bottle shops aim to turn January into a month for supporting microbreweries and nano breweries. Known as ‘Tryanuary’, it aims to highlight the wares of local breweries, bottle shops and independently owned off-licences. Though the United Kingdom has the highest number of breweries since Edwardian times, pubs have continued to close. Continue reading “Indie Brewers Aim to Make Next Month ‘Tryanuary’”

Trooper Ale Storms Ahead for May Release

Iron Maiden vocalist launches bottled and cask ale inspired by popular album track

Hot off the heels of their successful venture with Elbow [‘Build a Rocket, Boys’ ale], Robinsons Brewery have commandeered the services of Bruce Dickinson for its latest limited edition. Entitled ‘The Trooper’, it will be a full bodied 4.8% ABV ale, available in cask conditioned and bottle conditioned forms. It gets its name from their June 1983 single. Continue reading “Trooper Ale Storms Ahead for May Release”