Tecsun PL-310ET radio receiver (with Revolution 96.2FM).

Irritating Radio Adverts of Times Past: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten earworm-tastic radio adverts from the last 40 years of Independent Local Radio

Four sources of inspiration are behind our latest Not So Perfect Ten. One is my memories of 1980s Independent Local Radio – Piccadilly Radio in particular. The second source is an episode of Pablo [CBeebies’/RTEJr’s exciting children’s television series] where Pablo is tickled by a radio advert. Which reminded me of my formative years with Piccadilly’s adverts. The third source of inspiration is Half Man Half Biscuit’s cover of Mandy.

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A Tameside radio.

‘Rough Streets’ Sweep Community Radio Awards

Two Gold Awards for Tameside Radio, and a Silver Award for Oldham Community Radio

At the 2017 Community Radio Awards, it was a good night for Tameside Radio and Oldham Community Radio at The Station in Bristol. Both Tameside Radio and Oldham Community Radio were nominated for three awards and picked up two apiece. Continue reading “‘Rough Streets’ Sweep Community Radio Awards”

Sleepless Near Settle: Sleeplessness And My Childhood

Or: Why the creator of this blog is very much a night person

SV and a Chaser: Sleepless Near Settle caption.

You will be wondering “why on Earth is The Chase’s Ann Hegerty in an East of the M60 article?” Well, the story behind this picture takes us to December 2014. After meeting her with (Tremendous Knowledge) David Rainford at The Water House in Manchester (in early 2013 after a Poetica event in City Library), I had finally got around to joining a local quiz team. Since the close of 2014, I have been involved in the quiz teams for The Wheatsheaf and The Lodge Hotel. Regular readers of this blog would know for sure the two pubs are in Dukinfield. Continue reading “Sleepless Near Settle: Sleeplessness And My Childhood”

When JAM Ruled the British Airwaves: Part One, BBC Radio One

How JAM Creative Productions revolutionised the sound of Britain’s favourite radio stations

In 1976, a recently formed radio jingle production company landed one of radio’s most formidable accounts. It was the jingles package for the BBC’s most popular national stations: Radio 1 and Radio 2. The company, little known in the UK prior to landing their prestigious contract, was JAM Creative Productions. For the next twenty-one years, the Dallas-based production company would produce a most distinctive set of jingles that defined the image of both radio stations. Continue reading “When JAM Ruled the British Airwaves: Part One, BBC Radio One”

Great Songs About Radio: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten must-listen tunes about the joy of radio

No media form inspires as many songs as radio. The most obvious reason is the fact they may be played on radio stations (of course). There is the intimate nature that radio has, especially the ability to picture the scene in your mind. This is cheapened or nullified on screen. Hence my preference towards radio commentary over television commentary for live football matches. For the General Election, radio instead of television any day. Continue reading “Great Songs About Radio: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Oldham and Tameside Stations Shine at Community Radio Awards

Local stations dominate nationwide awards ceremony at Birmingham

A Real Radio: the Roberts R707 portable radio receiver. Image by Adam Foster, 2012 (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

For the volunteers at Oldham Community Radio, Tameside Radio, and Pure 107.9 FM (Stockport), it was a memorable night at the Community Radio Awards. The award ceremony, the first of its kind for British community radio stations took place at Birmingham City University. Continue reading “Oldham and Tameside Stations Shine at Community Radio Awards”

Ringing the Frequency Changes: AM to FM and DAB to DAB+

Personal musings on broadcast radio frequency changes


Vintage radio image by Jeff Holt, 2012. (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved)


Before I went to bed, I learned about the possibility of more tasty radio stations coming my way. “Whoop whoop I thought,” thinking my erstwhile DAB receiver would benefit from a few new stations, using the DAB+ system. Then I realised the only one I would have been likely to listen to was Steve Penk’s Wind-Up channel. Chris Country was definitely out, so my opinions on the Manchester digital multiplex’s selection was met with a “meh”.
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A History of Piccadilly Radio Jingles (Part One): 1974 – 1990

A nostalgic look at the former radio station’s jingles

After a six year hiatus I have, in a professional capacity, returned to my spiritual home. Central Manchester. Back on the bus to Piccadilly Gardens though the train and tram could be suitable alternatives. To pass the time (and conserve battery life on my smartphone), I have rediscovered the joys of radio. In spite of the lure of free WiFi on an Enviro400 double decker bus.

Via Tameside Radio. The joys of its new breakfast show. Very good it is too, not least the fact I can get a clear signal up to Piccadilly Gardens. Good old FM: light on the battery life compared with YouTube. Sometimes better quality sound.

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Things I Miss About Radio: The Not So Perfect Ten

“Do you remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio?”

Greetings listeners and fellow readers tuning in to this blog entry on East of the M60 FM. We are about to take you on a trip back to 1980 or thereabouts, back to an era when radio had real personality. Don’t touch that dial…

Over at Chez Vall, the only radio station I listen to in great detail is Tameside Radio. This, as a point of principle in support of the local station. Not least the fact it has a fantastic nostalgia slot from 1pm to 3pm on a Sunday.

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Tameside Reporter Returns to Ashton

Tameside Radio also follows suit as Quest Media Group moves operations to Cavendish Mill annexe

Another chapter in the Tameside Reporter’s history continues as they leave Stalybridge, headquarters to both Tameside Reporter and Glossop Chronicle titles since 1986.

After a 28 year sojourn on Acres Lane, Stalybridge, the Tameside Reporter is set to return to its roots in Ashton-under-Lyne this coming Monday [29 September 2014]. In tow will be its sister newspaper, the Glossop Chronicle, and Tameside Radio, who have used the modern offices as a temporary studio in the last year. Continue reading “Tameside Reporter Returns to Ashton”