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Duffers’ Guide to Bus Operations #14: Lowbridge Buses

The even longer awaited fourteenth part of our informal look at bus operations For beginners.

Once upon a time, quite some time ago, a certain Robert Stephenson created the world’s first true inter-city railway line. By September 1830, it carried its first passengers and goods between Liverpool and Manchester city centres. Today, Liverpool Lime Street is the world’s oldest railway terminus in continuous use. Liverpool Road station, in Manchester, is part of the Science Museum Group as Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum.

On reading the previous paragraph, you may be asking yourself, “What has this got to be do with buses?” Quite a bit, because not all railway bridges are sixteen feet or higher above our roads, bridleways, canals, footpaths and rivers. Our earlier road bridges were designed for horses and carts, never mind state-of-the-art electric cars. Or double decker buses.

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A Child’s Guide to Iconic Buses: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten iconic buses for beginners – or anybody old enough to pay child fare without an iGo card

For many people, a bus is just a bus. A box on six wheels for 16 or 90 people. A way of getting home from school, or from home to the shops.

These boxes with windows and (in most cases) a front entrance come in different colours. Since the 1960s they have also been mobile adverts. Some of today’s buses look less like boxes and are rounded.

You might think that many buses look the same, no matter what colours they wear. If you look at one bus (an Enviro200) and another one (a Dennis Dart SLF) the differences are striking. Many Enviro200 buses look more rounded than a Dennis Dart SLF bus.

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Lego GMT Standard double decker

Stalybridge Bus Station for Beginners

Almost Everything you need to know about Stalybridge bus station

Stalybridge bus station is a modest, unstaffed bus station with a single island platform. It has four stands and lacks layover facilities. You may argue that the town has two bus stations because of its four stops on Armentieres Square. In recent times, the stops on Armentieres Square have increased in their importance.

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Optare Solo, Stagecoach Greater Manchester, MX58 HCK

Oldham, Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, 31 January 2021

Welcome upgrade for local Ashton and Hyde routes

For regular readers used to seeing a separate Oldham and Saddleworth bulletin, this edition covers the Oldham, Tameside and Glossop areas due to fewer service changes in Oldham.

  • Sunday journeys added to 335, 342 and 387 routes;
  • 41As partially replaced by Sunday and Bank Holiday 335s;
  • 394 route suspended, cutting Chisworth off bus network;
  • 182 curtailed to terminate at Shaw with Rochdale section served by 408.

As we have mentioned in previous bulletins on Tameside service changes, plans to bolster some local routes have come to fruition. Some might think this is foolish in the middle of a lockdown. That is due in part to the recent extension of the Notice Period that English bus operators have to give to the DVLA if they need to vary, improve or withdraw a bus route.

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Cross Processed Trams 3047 and 3068

Metrolink Extensions: Next Stop, Stalybridge?

East of the M60 looks at the possibility of trams returning to Stalybridge

It is 90 years ago since Stalybridge saw its last trams. Back then, the trams were facing competition with local express bus routes. In 1931, the Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, and Dukinfield Joint Tramway and Electricity Board began to phase out trams and replace most of its tram cars with buses.

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Get The Best From Your Bus, Responsibly

Useful advice on staying safe on the buses

At this very time of writing, Britain is on the verge of a possible third lockdown. Since the Coronavirus first reared its head, the petering out of a second wave has been replaced by a third wave. Which at this moment in time has greatly affected households in Greater London and South East England. It is in our interests to stop the worst excesses of that strain from reaching the North West of England.

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Tameside’s Christmas and New Year Bus Service Updates (2020)

Details of Christmas and New Year’s Day bus services in Tameside and surrounding area for 2020 – 2021

Due to that COVID-19 thingy, we have left this year’s digest a bit later than usual on East of the M60. This was to allow for any recent changes to the Tier system and to discourage non-essential travel. (If you need to go shopping or take exercise in the yuletide season, please use your buses, trams and trains responsibly).

For the yuletide period, here’s what we are about to receive.

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Optare Solo, Stagecoach Greater Manchester, MX58 HCK

Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes Extra (29 November 2020)

Significant changes to two key routes and early introduction of School Holiday Timetable

On Sunday, Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s latest timetable updates will see the retiming of many of its trunk routes to School Holiday schedules, and changes to two trunk routes in the Tameside and Glossop area. To a point, these routes will see their daytime frequencies reverting to pre-bus deregulation levels.

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Leyland Titan, Trans-Lancs Vehicle Rally, 2013.

Bus Boarding Beats: A Brief Look at Sounds In Motion

Do you remember when background music on buses was a thing?

In the last 40 years, bus operators across the UK have tried to find creative ways of making local bus routes pay. Route branding with dedicated liveries is one answer, positioning everyday bus routes as product lines in their own right. Another answer is advertising. Initially done by local contractors, most of today’s on-bus advertising space is managed by Global. Yes, the owners of countless commercial radio stations like LBC, as well as outdoor poster sites.

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Optare Solo, Stagecoach Greater Manchester, MX58 HCK

Exact Fare Policy Raises More Than £122k for NHS Charities Together

Stagecoach passengers thanked for supporting major donation to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal

  • Over £122,000 raised by Stagecoach passengers for NHS charity with £19,271.72 raised by Stagecoach Greater Manchester passengers;
  • Passengers thanked for their support in the exact fare scheme, though passengers still encouraged to use contactless payment wherever possible.

The Stagecoach Group has thanked its customers across the UK for helping to raise more than £122,000 for the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal. As part of this total amount, Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s contribution was £19,271.72.

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