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The Lost Pubs and Shops of Stalybridge Town Centre

Loved and Lost on Melbourne Street, Market Street and Grosvenor Street

Melbourne Street, Stalybridge in 2007.
Melbourne Street, Stalybridge in 2007.

Back in May 2012, East of the M60 did an A-Z of defunct retailers in the form of an article entitled The Lost Precinct. This was followed up by a Nikolas Pevsner style guide detailing lost shops in Ashton-under-Lyne.

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Down Our Street #3: Melbourne Street, Stalybridge

How one of Stalybridge’s shopping streets got its name.

The Tripe and Sandwich Shop, Stalybridge
No visit to Stalybridge is complete without calling in The Tripe and Sandwich Shop. Marginally bigger than a disabled superloo, its butties are cheap, cheerful and fresh. Ditto the above with the tripe, available in honeycomb and cord varieties.

There are three main streets in the centre of Stalybridge. Prior to the last two decades, Market Street was its main one, with Grosvenor Street and Melbourne Street almost equal in status. Recent pedestrianisation saw most of the retail trade move to Melbourne Street and Grosvenor Street. Owing to the present day paucity of shops, the former has become the main one. Continue reading “Down Our Street #3: Melbourne Street, Stalybridge”